In a bit of a pickle, advice would be appreciated

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    Well Hello All, THIS IS A LONG READ, sorry. BUT THANKS IN ADVANCE and please just offer advice/info and try not to be too harsh.

    I've been lurking on this site the past couple of days and have to admit that its pretty cool, my current job/random 3rd party doesn't offer this to the workers. So, to begun my story I work for a small time courier where we are not "employees" but "independent contractors" basically their excuse/way of keeping more $$$ for themselves. For example, No 8hrs/10hrs/overtime pay, no benefits, retirement? HAH!!!, no workers comp, no unemployment, we pay gasoline, we maintain our vehicles, uniforms(we buy the shirts/pants/gloves/our shoes), we rent their scanners/diads, we pay our vehicle insurance and provide our cargo van, no paid-days off(we dont show up we dont get paid) and a bunch of others that I cant remember.

    I've been there for 2.5 yrs and it's kinda stale, I appreciate the opportunity that my Supervisor has given me. A friend gave my name as a reference which got me though the door, my work ethic is what kept me there this long and will continue to keep me there until "I choose" otherwise. I'm not going pretend that its a hell hole because its not, I work mon-sat and get compenstated greatly(+/-$3,500 every 2 wks) but thats me going in at 5:30A.M and depending on the "flow" I can be home at 3/4/5pm(typical) or 6-7pm(heavy days) YES I KNOW ITS NOT WHAT YOU GUYS MAKE BUT I THINK ITS REASONABLE.. There's no "long-run" here I consider it a "gig" like something that I'm currently doing but I cant see myself here at 30/40/50yrs old.

    One day a UPS driver told me the local facility is looking for drivers and told me I should give it a shot. I did by going online and setting up a interview(coming up this week), I will bring my resume, 3yr DMW driving record(which is perfect) and hopefully my current Supervisor's letter of recommendation. The thing is I've read on here that being an "outside hire" trying to go full-time is like hitting the lottery, for every 6 inside UPS can hire 1 outside to be driver but that one spot can be taken by anyone even a part time Sup.

    My dilemma is If I quit my current job(take a HUGE $$$ cut) and jump on board with UPS. Then UPS throws me inside as a PT loader(low pay for years) MAYBE take me on as Seasonal Full Time Driver THEN either discard of me Jan 15th OR throw me back as PT loader. Also what if I fail the driving course or can't "hack-it" as a UPS driver(too slow or something??), "IF" accepted I know I'd be a cover driver/utility driver/SAT driver which would mean a new area everyday on top of that I'd have to follow the ORION program. If I could go to a fortune teller and have them tell me in 1yrs time you'll be driving a brown box Full-time with benefits I'd say Adios to my current job. Thats not realistic, so either it can go realllllyyyyy good or realllllyyyy bad and I dont want to make a wrong decision.

    At my current job, I have my own area I know it like the back of my hand , It's a stable paycheck my supervisor would be bummed if I left him as he wouldn't fire me unless I did something really dumb like was caught stealing(BTW no felonies/misdemeanors). I am the always the 1st/2nd of my Supervisor's drivers that comes to the facility while the others(15-20) trickle in at 6/7/8 AM, I dont get any of MY time definite deliveries late and dont miss any pickups, It very very rare that I call in sick(maybe 2 days in 2.5 yrs) umm I dont get customer complaints, I rarely ever miss-deliver a package or have it stolen and my route ranges from 160-230 STOPS(not parcels) every day and in my area there are like 6-7 UPS drivers so basically I cover a lot of ground.

    Please, please just help out in any way like advice, info suggestions, WHAT TO ASK THE INTERVIEWER, anything really even a "good luck pal". I try and help peeps out when I can like yesterday I ran into a security guard who was saying how little he makes. I told him he should give a shot at where I work(its not the most glamorous job but he'd make a decent/good amount of $$$), so monday i'll talk to my supervisor about that dude, point being I try to help others. once again THANK YOU and yes I know its Saturday night I should be drinking or something funner but that's how serious I am about this topic.
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    Now I want a pickle.
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    lol nice bro, but seriously what do you think???
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    Better get two. You might want to eat one.
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  5. Indecisi0n

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    There is nothing we can tell you to asks that's going to help. Just go in be honest and hope for the best. UPS is an investment. It blows in the beginning but get better (money/ benefits) later on down the road. Good luck.
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  6. pickup

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    Original poster, since you wrote the 4th and 5th paragraphs of your post, you know what you are up against. Nothing you ask or tell the interviewer is going to change that. Your road test would be given before you are hired so you don't need to quit your job (You do need to take a few days off for interviewing, road test, drug test, etc).

    While you may drive well, can you drive a truck with a manual transmission?

    As for being that outside hire, that is not decided until after peak, usually. Your driving, and other things( like making deliveries in a timely manner while keeping your face shaven) determine your ability to make the next step, if the next step is even viable.
  7. pickup

    pickup Well-Known Member

    Now if you can jump back into that job you have now, after peak, then you have nothing to lose by working at UPS and see how your luck turns out.
  8. pickup

    pickup Well-Known Member

    By the way, you can trust my advice, I am a Well-known Member. It says so right under my name.
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  9. DumbTruckDriver

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    It's possible your local UPS center has no viable candidates for inside hire, so they are pulling off the street to fill all available full time positions. That seems to be happening in some places.
  10. scisector9

    scisector9 Active Member

    How is your relationship with your current employer? From the sounds of your post, it seems like you are well respected or in a decent place with them. Are you in a position where you could be rehired by current employer if you gave your two weeks notice and left on decent terms?

    A bit about my past (and obviously this is about YOU and not ME)...I left a well paying gig that was commission based route sales. The year I left my former employer to drive for Brown I made 70k plus. I was fortunate enough to be hired as a full time permanent driver (the 6:1) off the street. But still, I took about a 20k a year pay cut to drive full time my first year. As stated by Indecision UPS is an investment. I personally compare it to a student loan, or returning to college. Yes I am making much less now than I did last year, but in the long run I will have little to no financial worries. My 20k a year pay cut now will even out to a 20k a year increase in a few short years. The insurance here is untouchable (I am not on teamcare yet, but even with teamcare it is leaps and bounds above my previous plan), we get a pension (that right there would equal the 20k a year I lost from my previous career, 400 dollars a week for a full time employee), more vacation, better disability, etc.

    I think the question to ask yourself is do you have the patience and time to stomach the pay cut that you are facing? Ask at the interview when they made their last outside hire, and what the current need for full time permanent drivers is at your location. I would have turned down a seasonal temporary gig as I have three children and a wife and could not at age 29 give up a 70k a year job for something that may not be permanent. There are many people however that work a full time job on top of UPS part time. Again, if you have the dedication and the patience to weather the storm UPS could be the answer. This job is not for everyone, and many I work with are not happy doing what they do. Me personally, I am thankful to be at UPS, am proud of what I do, and feel grateful for such a promising career. I can get out at 54 and take an easier less demanding job if needed.

    In summary, the choice is yours. I personally am happy for the decision I made as my last career was well paying but unstable. I wish you the best in your current fork in the road, and if you have any questions feel free to message me.

  11. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    It all comes down to the bottom line. Right now your working 6 days a week and make +/- $3500 every two weeks before you pay all your work expenses. You also don't have any bennys.

    At UPS if you got hired as a seasonal or regular driver you will be working M-F from around 9:00 am till your done. You will not be deliver Sat Air. If your hired as a seasonal you won't get any bennys. Either way the only thing your going to have to buy are a map, UPS socks, and black shoes (sneakers, boot, etc).

    Yes you will take a pay cut to start either as a casual or as a regular FT driver. However if you get hired as a FT driver in 4 years your will be making almost $36 hr.
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    I think I'll wait for the cliff notes version.
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  13. pickup

    pickup Well-Known Member

    (+/-$3,500 every 2 wks)

    so is that $1750 every week? Then do we take from that, the cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance, insurance? Then you pay taxes on what you end up making after expenses, plus paying both sides of the FICA (social security). So I curious, what does it come out to, after all that is said and done?
  14. JL 0513

    JL 0513 Well-Known Member

    This is a tough scenario and the decision rides on your personal situation which you didn't elaborate on. Based on your $7,000 a month stated compensation ($85K/yr?), you're actually in the ballpark of a top rate UPS driver, without the hefty benefits we get. But then it depends on how much you dump into all the costs you mention you're responsible for. Is that $3,500 every 2 weeks before or after those costs?

    The problem is even if you managed to get on permanent F/T, you'd be taking a $30K+ a year pay cut in your first couple of years. This is where you life situation comes into question. Do you have a mortgage, family, ect?? Is your budget locked into that 80k+ a year? Your age may also matter. If you're over 40, that's kinda late to start a new career at such a physical job.

    The way UPS has it set up is difficult for many people. It really limits the people you ultimately becomes drivers. Seemingly 99% of the population couldn't do it. The way most of us do it is working part time for several years on top of a F/T job so our income only grows. Most are never in the position to have to take a huge pay cut.
  15. ImThatGuy

    ImThatGuy New Member

    Thats what i'm hoping for, If I quit my current job KNOWING that UPS will work out I'll call my supervisor tonight(most likely monday lol its the weekend) but in a real world this is not guaranteed.

    Got a hair cut today/shaved for this weeks interview.

    VERY NICE, this occurred to me too but I didn't give it "much" focus. Im positive that if I ask my supervisor "hey im going to give UPS a shot" he'll take me back if it doesn't work out. problem is it'll be a whole new route and it maybe a crappy route at that. He MIGHT I doubt it though get "butthurt" that I left him for UPS only to come back begging for a route LOL, in the end he knows what I bring to the table, always early, on time deliveries and dont call in sick WHICH IS SAYING AAALLLLOOOTTTTT compared to his other drivers.

    Yeah I'm okay with all the UPS drivers in my area but tend to talk to a couple more than the rest. One of them told me "I dont know what the workers inside are thinking they should jump at this chance" in the same breath he told me that they probably dont go through with it because of their driving record, they smoke or dont want to go full time

  16. ImThatGuy

    ImThatGuy New Member

    The pay cut really isn't an issue, the problem is leaving where im at now to go to UPS and having that completely flop on me. That would be dire

    Yeah its like I get the WHOLE PIE up front(for the entire year) and from there I take all the expenses(gas, uncle sam, SS, etc etc) from it and I end with 3/4 or 1/2 of the pie. Its kind of demeaning to be honest
  17. ImThatGuy

    ImThatGuy New Member

    SORRY DIDNT MENTION THAT I WAS IN MY MID 20'S with no mortgage or kids(YET).
  18. JL 0513

    JL 0513 Well-Known Member

    Then I think it comes down to the possibility of going back to such a position if UPS doesn't work out. Is this at all a possibility? I understand most employers don't go for stuff like that but perhaps you have special circumstances?
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