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    This happened in/around may 19th.

    Connecticut police seized more than $6 million worth of cocaine yesterday which authorities are callling one of the biggest drug busts in state history. And they couldn't have done it without logistics-obsessed delivering company UPS.
    Police have arrested Edwin Olivo, of the Bronx, who tried to pick up the package, which contained over 100 kilograms (or 220 pounds) of cocaine, from the UPS Supply Chain Solution in Windsor Locks yesterday afternoon. UPS tipped off police about the suspicious package—and from the description of it, we're not entirely surprised. According to police, the shipment was so large that the shipping company had to use a forklift to deliver the package to the suspect's vehicle.
    The package was labeled as containing elevator parts, but UPS became especially suspicious after someone identifying themselves as "James Smith" called and asked for it to be held for pickup at the store. The box was held together in ragged form, with screws and glue to prevent air from leaking out.
    Olivo was charged with numerous narcotics related offenses and held on $2 million bond, but he told police he does odd jobs for people, and claimed a friend asked him to pick up the box and bring it back to the Bronx. The Connecticut state police sounded pretty excited at his news conference unveiling: "This is one of the largest seizures in recent times in the state of Connecticut. This will have a massive impact on the cocaine trafficking in this state. Again, the street value of this six million dollars," said spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance.

    So what exactly does 220 pounds of that look like? --link below--- I think that man will think twice before doing what he did again. Lol.
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    Don't do drugs.
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    Just say no?
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    I didn't inhale....
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    I bet the driver will have to go out with a follow up.
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    Do you think the shipper insured it for the whole 6 million?
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    I still laugh about the 40lbs. of pot stolen by an employee (whom I have never met) in a center close to me(not Upstate) that was intended for the DA's office. I guess the kid never got caught. How did UPS explain this?
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    We dont even have a forklift.
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    Bad logistics
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    I could have easily lifted it as long as I kept it in my powerzone.