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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by jwood, Dec 28, 2011.

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    I started working at the beginning of October. When i was hired i was told i was a permanent part time employee. She went on to say that she didnt want me to be called seasonal and start working now and have the same seniority as someone who starts in November. Thats fine. I get a call on my first day back from christmas saying not to come in that i was in a layoff period so i called my supervisor and asked him if i was being let go and he said he was only going to keep me until the 15th. So my question is what do I do? I was told i would be permanent but apparently thats not true? I tried to talk to my HR lady but they just happen to not be around.
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    Welcome to the company I've been there for years and one thing I can say is don't ever believe anything the supervisors say until it happens. The supervisors will lie to get what they want. I can say the best thing for you to do is if you were a hard worker during the holiday season is to just keep calling them until they bring you back. Remember that we are a union company and regardless what a supervisor tells you it must state that in the contract and I believe that it says anyone hired after a certain date in November - dec31 is considered a temp or seasonal employee.
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    i was hired in october though
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    You need to read your the sort rider for your specific area. Seniority for part timers ranges from 90 days to as little as 70 days within 6 consecutive months that I know of, but different regions vary. October would not be early enough to qualify for Seniority yet in most regions. They should be following layoff provisions and call you back in seniority order. Our high turnover in part time would be to your advantage so hang in there.
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    Crowbar is prob right for his region I'm in the southeast (Florida) here they call the hardest workers and seniority is after 1yr can't speak for everyone else. But it's tuff to get in but once you are YOUR IN lol
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    I read something just like this last night here on this board. I think its how they're having to setup to satisfy both union demands and business needs.
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    In my area you obtain seniority after 30 days