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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UPS123456789, Aug 18, 2008.

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    I have been working as a preloader for about 5 weeks now, and since the middle of last week my shoulder and bicep have been hurting me pretty bad. Today it was getting to the point I could hardly lift anything it just hurt and felt fatigued. My question is if I go to the doc and they say I cant work could I loose my job? I mentioned it to my sup today but he assumed it was just sore, not in pain. What should I do?
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    Just rub some dirt on it and walk it off.
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    your body is sore. "Get some rest and be ready the next day" that's what an sup would say. Your body has to get use to it. tell you the truth the reason why you're sore is because you're busting your ass.
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    at least get through your 30 days
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    This isn't soreness like I said it has been hurting since the middle of last week. I didn't use it all weekend, and today it was hurting more than ever. I know what a soreness is from playing sports, and even the first week at UPS. Soreness has a good feeling, it def. doesn't feel like pain. I just don't want the doc to say take a few days off and UPS let me go because of it.
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    If you don't have your 30 days you're screwed.
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    This all depends on how bad you want it Ups is a great company to work for if you want the great things that are offered down the road suck it up and get through week 6 at all costs then go talk to a steward and figure a plan of action from there.
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    You have the weekends off ? If you don't have you 30 days in then I'd keep working if you want a longterm career with UPS. If not take a couple days off and while you out start looking for another job. becasue you goingto need it.
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    I'm not sure who these people are who are asking you to injure yourself. You are responsible for your own safety. If you are at risk of injury, STOP.

    It sounds like you may have a repetitive stress injury. Pushing on through pain will very, very likely only make this problem worse. You said yourself that you know the difference between soreness and pain. Take care of yourself. If you cannot work because of your condition, then you need medical attention. If your injury occurred at work during the normal course of your duties, and if you were performing your job correctly, your doctor will necessarily be involved in filing paperwork for an on-job injury.

    It is absolutely imperative that you report your injury immediately. If you do not report it right away, the company will will be able to argue that your injury didn't happen on the job. Without documentation of your on-job injury, you will be on your own to pay for medical care, and the company will not let you work.

    Report your injury to your full-time supervisor or that supervisor's manager immediately. You need to see a doctor and may need time off to rest or a temporary alternate work assignment. If you do not report your injury right away, you won't be taken care of and may have to quit your job if you can't stand the increasing levels of pain.

    Again, STOP. Advice to injure yourself for a $10/hr job is irresponsible. You won't get health benefits if you're too injured to work. Then how will you afford to get the medical care you need?