In what orders does staff reduction go for pters in a time of layoff?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by you aint even know it, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. you aint even know it

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    I heard that a lot of people usually get laid off after Christmas. Do they layoff pters by classification or by seniority? Say I am not qualified to do odc, and there is someone in there who has less seniority than me, would they get laid off before me. Thanks, I think I will have enough juice (seniority) to avoid being laid off.
  2. East coast navy

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    It's by seniority.
  3. PT Car Washer

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    It is by seniority and qualification. You have to be qualified for that job. Don't sweat it. Most likely you will be laid off for one or two days. Than be double shifting for the next week.
  4. brown_trousers

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    It must be different in other places... over here, they pick and choose who they like best after christmas. Since all the seasonal hires have less than 90 days, they are still on probation and dont have seniority rights
  5. PT Car Washer

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    Yes, the company will offer time off to most of the high seniority workers. Depending on their qualifications. Will then let pre-seniority people work just to keep them around. I do not have a problem with this as we are desperate for good workers.