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    i am only posting this because myself and my center needs help. we feel as if our steward is incompetent and does not stand up for us. no one wants to be s steward because we are all intimidated by our management team. is there a way to file a grievance against the steward and or the union. sometimes he wont file our grievances or will talk us out of filing a grievance.

    we need help, comments, or suggestions.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Unless you or someone else is willing to step forward you are stuck with what you got.
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    It's called nonrepresentation and the NLRB is more than willing deal with it. Just remember documentation is important. Anything complaints older than 6 months will not be dealth with.
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    what is stopping you from filing your own grievance??? I file my own and turn them into the local myself.

    man up boy.
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    There is a problem here. You mean to tell me that no one has the stones to stand up to management yet you want to stand up to the steward instead? If the steward is not filing your valid grievances, thats a problem. But you have bigger worries than that if your fear of management repels you from the grievance process in the first place. Why don't you try the roll? Talk to the BA. Do you have a better example of your situation?
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    If a steward is actually refusing to file valid grievances, he could get the local sued or sanctioned by the NLRB for a breach of his duty of fair representation. This is something your BA should take very seriously.
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    Here we need a steward to sign our grievances. Also the local is over 2 hours away.
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    Make you business agent aware of the situation.At the very least you need to have a station meeting to air your concerns. Sadly many stewards feel they can make their own rules and violate the contract.Stand unity there is power.
  9. Johney

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    I did fail to mention we must have at least 10 stewards in our building. Most are very knowledgeable and good at it. A couple not so much.
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    I think it's kind of ironic, you are willing to criticize the one person who was willing to be a steward (granted even if he's not good at it). But apparently no one else in the building is willing to be a steward. You'd rather criticize and complain about him, rather then one of you but on your big boy pants and decide to take on the responsibility of being a steward. If that's the case, you folks deserve a bad steward.

    I get this story is a little different situation, but I coached my son's basketball team and also my daughters soccer team when they were younger. My first year coaching (basketball) I got some good advice from a friend who also coached before. So on game one where I had some complaints (about the refs, about the number of minutes their kids played etc etc). I told all the parents, I only listen to my assistant coaches and I'm willing to have any and up to ALL of them be my assistant coach. I'll come before practice or stay late after practice talking with my assistant coaches about any subject they wish to talk about. You guessed it. I had no one who wanted to complain volunteer to be an assistant coach.

    (PS, I had 11 kids on my basketball team and the parent who did complain, was upset his kid played "barely half the game". I did tell him I've got 11 kids, and this is an equal playing time league, so by you telling me your kid barely played half the game, means I did a good job in giving all the kids equal playing time since each kid should have only played a bit less then half the game.)
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    US Mail?
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    There could be more to this. If a employee that is union, files grievances and his back yard isn't clean. The grievances will look like crap if they get caught doing something they shouldn't. I am a alternate and me and my steward always say if we file for you or you do it on your own. You better keep your back yard clean. And that comes from the local. 9/5s are big ones on this issue.
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    The fact that you are posting here indicates that you have what it takes to become a steward or alternate steward. Contact you BA and express your concerns. Your BA should be your guiding light. Let him or her know of your concerns about intimidation.

    P.S. Not all issues brought to stewards are legitimate or valid Union concerns. Regardless, I do let management know that for legal reasons (failure to represent on the Union's behalf), that I may have to file a grievance regardless of how I personally feel.
  14. Johney

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    Uh yea I suppose. Return receipt?,Signature required? Something tells me that isn't going to work.
  15. You can't be afraid of managment. Management fears me!
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    My local supplies all of the stewards with prepaid envelopes for grievances. Steward/BA signs and dates it, manager signs and receives a copy, seal them in an envelope, and drop it off as a USPS drop box after work.
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    No we don' only think that we do.....
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    If you wasn't wouldn't reply!!
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    Don't really care one way or the other as long as you abide by the contract...
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    In some instances I don't want management to follow the contract. I make way more money when they violate it.