Increased UPS volume


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Here's some good news from the Great State of Texas - anybody know why the increase in UPS volume?

So far this year, carriers at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport are moving more people and less cargo.

A majority of the airport's passenger carriers, including Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and Continental Airlines, reported increases in passenger volume. JetBlue Airways and United Airlines reported slight decreases in passenger volume.

The airport saw carriers ship 63 million pounds of air cargo from January to April, down 13 percent from last year, according to the airport.
In April, air cargo totaled about 17 million pounds, down 9 percent compared to last year.

Federal Express moved 11.5 percent less cargo in April than last year, and ABX Air Inc.'s cargo fell 14 percent from last year.

Competitor United Parcel Services' business was up 21 percent from last year.


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That's terrific news. Maybe if other airports are experiencing the same, those results could be multiplied across the country.

:thumbup1:Go UPS (as peacock71 would say)