Independence Day

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    Before we get lost in the fireworks and hotdogs, I would like to remember those brave men who gathered to give us a great nation. When Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin and the like got together they only had the dream of a new nation, through their working together and remaining true to coming to an agreement, we have the best place on earth to live. It's a weekend to put aside who did what to who, a weekend to celebrate what we have and how we can still be an example to the world of how to share our riches and ideas that first made this a great place. The hard work we each perform every day adds to the wealth of all and in that respect we owe some of it back to others. So let that pride of a great nation come out this weekend, serve at a hotdog stand, stand at a parade with your hand over your heart respecting those who went before us to give us what we have, as the flag goes by think of the decades of brave men and women who have kept us safe, I know I will. Happy Independence Day to all who live in freedom in this great country.
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    How about the greatest play ever from America's national past time?

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    How about Ben Rothlesburger with the ladies.
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    Happy Birthday America and thanks to the Founding Fathers. Yet we still have a liberal hollywood that wants to trash our great country. A quote from the movie "Dazed and Confused" which I saw again last week, in regards to the bicentennial: teacher "Remember kids what you're celebrating this summer: a bunch of aristocratic, slave owning, white men that didn't want to pay their taxes".

    All of that may be true, but I'm a patriot and I'm never going to slam my country or the history of my country and I'm certainly not going to do it in a major motion picture. Too many men (boys) have died for our freedom, that throwing statements like that around is reckless ingnorance in my opinion.

    Move to Afganistan and join the Taliban if you hate us so much. I didn't think so...

    Anyway, happy 4th everyone!
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    Right on! Get our national holiday kicked off by whining about liberals and hollywood :happy-very:. Go have a beer and a hot dog ya big patriot, you sure earned it today.

    Happy 4th everyone, and lets try and leave the politics out of it for just one day.
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    Be careful with your fireworks and keep a good eye on the kids. If one fizzles out don't go up and try to relight it. Please. A friend's son died doing that a few years ago. Sparklers can set clothing on fire. My MIL still has the skin grafting and problems 80 years after a bad experience with sparklers.

    Celebrate the day, our country and our freedom but please be so very careful...
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    I am watching CNN and one of the stories was of a man who lost part of his right arm due to fireworks.

    Leave the fireworks to the professionals.
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    Thanks Jones, same to you. Also, yes I will have a beer and a hot dog, and also I am BIG! How did you guess, LOL!
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    Also Jones, you're right, lets leave politics out of this for a day. It was kind of my point in the first place. Here we are in 1976 celebrating the 200th anniversary of our great nation and somebody had to take a shot at our founding fathers. I just thought it wasn't the place or time for that.
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    Among the many freedoms that we enjoy thanks to our Founding Fathers are the freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
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    C'mon bro, the movie was a comedy not a serious message to America and the teacher who said that was supposed to be a caricature. Plus it wasn't released yesterday, it's 17 years old....
    You boys must be drinking early up there in Mass :wink2:
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    Seeing you are from Ohio, I'll guess you're a follower of one of the evil 2. Since there are only about 3 Browns fans left, I'll assume you're Bengals faithful? The odds are in my favor in that guess. Their fan base has exceeded 9 people in recent years. :wink2:
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    (Hey wait dont pick on the browns, Im not a fan of football but I do support My ohio teams.
    And my boy is a #1 browns fan!)

    Happy 4th to all , enjoy your freedoms, pray for our continued safety.
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    Good Morning

    I was thinking about all the lists, keys, and knowledge, we study and memorize as UPSers.

    I don't remember the last time I sat down and read the entire Declaration of Independence.
    I do remember the 1976 celebration events.
    My class painted the fire hydrants around my grade school, red, white and blue.

    I don't have the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution memorized in order nor could I provided the number of the amendment I find important without running to the computer to look up.

    In fact, I was in a heated conversation with a coworker regarding term limits and they thought I was full of it. They believed that George Bush lost the last election and that is why everyone keeps blaming him for all that is "wrong". He firmly believes that the current President will be President for a long time, at least 12 - 16 years.

    I should not have had to run to the computer to prove him wrong.

    Maybe I am hypersensitive to history becoming lost and I am seeing it with people my age along with an entire generation following me.

    Just some random thoughts floating around in my cartoon brain this morning... as I look forward a cold Parrot Bay Cooler, grilled chicken and pistacho fluff.
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    I as a patriotic conservative fully understand his sentiments. Its getting to a point where the liberal has so ostracized us that we are expected to hang our heads in shame for being patriots.

    I'm kind of surprised you a conservative did not understand his sentiments and actually took time to criticize them?

    Anyway happy birthday america a special thank you to all that fought and dies so the liberals could piss on our beliefs. :happy2:
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    Yeah, I guess you're right and we are doing out fair share of drinking this weekend. Since you've seen the movie, what did jewish nerd kid mean by 'Neo-McCarthyism"? Remember, they were in the classroom and it was Tony, the Red-head girll and the dork who got his but kicked at the keg party? He said to Tony " Let's not resort to Neo-McCarthyism". What did he mean by that?
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Widely known for its use in the movie Dazed and Confused, it refers to the application of McCarthyism ideals past the 50's.

    Urban Dictionary
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    I baked and grilled Pork Ribs............Potato Salad; Green Salad; Ane awesome Slaw with Pineapple!!!! Homemade Banana Pudding (Rich)....

    Wifey had a problem with multiple Buds; but a couple of Margaritas were OK!!!

    WIN / WIN !!!!