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    Sniper mentioned this is one of his recent threads, when he said that his wife had received "individual consideration" when she had a bypass operation. In other words, she was out over 90 days, and kept her route, because she got special treatment. Most other people would have lost their route.

    I have seen this also over the years, where some favored employee gets a rabbit pulled out of the hat especially for them. It's usually because they have brown-nosed themselves into a place where management "owes" them something. Maybe Mrs. Sniper is an exceptional employee, but either way, it isn't right that certain individuals are dealt with differently due to favoritism.

    I also noticed that Sniper spoke of "emergency jumpseating" as if he could do it at-will. Maybe that's just BS, but maybe he gets a special deal because he kisses the right butts. Again, not exactly kosher.
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    I haven't read enough to know until now that his wife is also a courier. I've known a number of couples over the years where both were couriers. They tend to be pretty happy with the job, especially if they are topped out. Having two decent incomes goes a long way. Being a single midrange employee is another matter altogether.
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    We've had three long time employees (25 to 30 years each) lose their routes for going over 90 days just in the last two months. No favoritism there, just cut-throat fred throwing them to the wolves! To paraphrase another poster, FU Fred!
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    Individual consideration and operational needs are a interesting concepts to say the least.

    At our station we have a pretty good bunch of folks, pretty senior folks and better than average managers. (one thing I did notice in one of my earlier threads, "when the chips are down, really down, I can walk into my managers office as a person first, then employee) I WAS REALLY SURPRISED no one on here objected to that statement, especially with all the moaning and groaning on this site about how BAD Express is to work for. I learn things on this forum. I learn things from what is said and what is not said as well.

    The 90 day limit consideration happened to at least two other couriers before she had her triple bypass. None of the three of them were butt kissers by any means. They did the job like it should be done, took care of our customers, rarely call out sick just like 95% of us do day in and day out. Being an above "average" employee is NOT brown nosing but doing the job and what is expected from all of us.

    With that said, we also have one or two couriers which "game" the system. One courier has missed two if not THREE "peaks" in the last 6 years. Is that right? Is that fair to the rest of us who are there day in and day out? NO it is not. I dare say if they went out over 90 days the attendance record would speak loud and clear. I think it would be fair to say those couriers might not get INDIVIDUAL CONSIDERATION.

    I have not jumpseated since we lost that perk. We had heard a "rumor" jumping was back about two years ago. I did my happy dance:hapydancsmil: took the jumpseat certification test and then found out the TRUTH. Turns out the jumpseaters were pilots, and more importantly pilots who don't even work for FedEx Express.(that is what was related to me from the ramp, don't want to contrive anything but people are jumping out of TYS who they are I really don't know). I know it's not me. I can not jumpseat "at will".

    Business travel and personal emergency travel is all that is in policy.

    I would also go out on a limb, based on my employment history and knowledge of OUR company and say the following: If anything happened to my daughter, son in law or grandchildren I would be able to jump for PE travel if my certification is current. I pray that I never find that out to be a fact. I also know from my previous history that if your not current on the test PE travel will NOT be granted.

    I do wish personal travel would return.

    Did anyone else get to jumpseat "back in the day"? I hope so because that was a truly unique experience.
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    She has been there 17 years and is not topped out, believe me, I have personal knowledge of the plight of the mid-range couriers. I hear it all the time. She has a harder job than I do shuttling freight and is getting paid less. That's not "fair". Before I was hired top out didn't take very long at all but that was before my day, "back in the day". A courier that was hired after me topped out before me but he got better review scores when it mattered.
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    The point is that everyone should be treated equally...they aren't. Perhaps the couriers you claim were "gaming" the system had legitimate reasons to be off during peak. Unlikely, but possible. Pilots from other airlines have always been frequent jumpseaters on FedEx planes. Our pilots have the same privileges with them. This is due to the need to deadhead to get back in position or return to domicile. FBI and Secret Service also jumpseat, as do military personnel accompanying certain classified shipments. I frequently see military escorts at the ramp coming off our planes, bags in hand. Sometimes they are uniformed, sometimes not.

    Also, doesn't it ever piss you off that your wife isn't yet topped-out? She sounds as Purple as you, yet Fred doesn't think enough of her to pay her full rate. Just so you know, union companies typically top-out in 3 years.
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    Agreed. But, as long as I get mine, I could care less who gets preferential treatment.
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    I've seen this crap statement of brown-nosing over the years and here is what I conclude:

    It's a High School statement, grow up.

    Doing things people above you like... is a smart thing to do, they control fate and pay and if you were in their position it would all be the same. They do get to make plans for others to follow, if you have respect you follow it. Some will be stubborn, want to be jelly etc... it's their loss being deviant to their employer. What should they expect? You are a constant thorn, they probably are waiting for you to make a critical mistake, since it isn't easy in some places to relieve a worker from their job.

    We are all human, it is common sense stuff here. KARMA if nothing else is at play here. How can any of this be news?

    We can guess you don't kiss butt... or don't just simply do what is asked, or do you? Obviously you kept your job for a long time. Perhaps you have a split personality you don't understand. To me if I didn't like what I was being told and hated doing it and totally if it didn't make monetary sense... Bye and Bye.

    Comments like these and salaries given to those getting into management or other technical area's... must just kill you:
    Working at FedEx | Glassdoor

    Reviewing UPS and Fedex... it seems like being a driver is better at UPS and being in management/technical area's is better at Fedex. I'd be looking at making my way up in Fedex. UPS is setup where you can just settle.
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    Again, you don't understand because you don't work here. Let's say Courier A and Courier B are both excellent employees. In fact, their performance is identical. Neither ever calls-in sick, and both provide superior customer service. But Courier A is an ass-kisser and Courier B is not. Let's also say that both get injured on the same day and have the exact same problem. When 90 days hits and neither can return, Courier A gets to keep their route upon return, but Courier B has to become a Swing Driver. Favoritism, plain and simple.

    You see, FedEx presents itself as being entirely fair and democratic. Every employee is treated the "same", yet they aren't. We who actually work here see this all the time, and sometimes it's amazing what certain people can get away with when others get fired for something trivial. A lot of it has to do with management incompetence, but the rest is institutionalalized.

    Your head is up your ass most of the time, especially on this one. Your last statement regarding management/technical is especially revealing. Perhaps you should stick to cleaning keyboards and shut-up about the internal workings of an industry you clearly do not understand.
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    It is the shame :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: everywhere and if not... all the more reason why YOU should quit, right? You are not alone, working hourly for the man is no picnic these days. But keep hiding behind how outsiders can't understand your plight. To me your cries are dime a dozen. You actions the same. You hide behind.. "you don't know". You don't like it because there is a lot of truth in what I say. You have points, but imo ultimately you are wrong, because you don't do nothing to better yourself by leaving or promoting. You say it has been bad for a long time now, you sure wasted a lot of good time to better yourself, did nothing and now it's even worse. 5 years from now... it will be even more worse, I bet you do nothing to help yourself and expect others to save you. Golf clap.
  11. TUT

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    They all do. As you kid yourself about some type of Utopian Perfect World, you have to snap out of it and realize this is the games they all play. Fedex thinks it is king :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, UPS the same. Delusional Ballmer at MS, the same. All these CEO's and Corporations are now bigger than life. It's all :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed up, I agree there. But there is a point it is what it is and are you going to be a knob that doesn't adapt? I guess so.
  12. TUT

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    Dude I answer to the man to, but I get paid and like my job. You hate everything and stay, what a loser.

    I am going by data on that site, it looks like management/technical at Fedex is easily on par with pay for the same jobs at UPS if not better. I'm going to trust the audience vs your vendetta on this one.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    The people you say are just settling are the backbone of both companies. Without them both companies would not exist. Hard physical labor does deserve to be compensated well. Just because you can't do it don't knock someone else who can. Every job has it downsides. I for one couldn't be inside an office behind a desk for 20-30 years. Besides the monotony, the lack of activity could lead to some serious health problems. Most of us don't want to " move up" because it's just not what we want to be doing.
  14. MrFedEx

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    Good for you, but it sounds like all you know is tech jobs. That means you know nothing about being a truck driver, which is essentially what we are here at FedEx and UPS. Why do you come here and act like you know WTF is going-on, when it's crystal clear that you don't?If I need your advice on the best way to get cat hair out of my keyboard, I'll ask for it. But I'm not asking.
  15. Sniper

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    There it IS.

    Better yet, he had a "good gig" and UPS and doesn't have that now. He should have stayed. Looking back now that I am 49 I would have made some other decisions in life but that is not reality. That was then, this is now.

    That was my hindsight and I'm not "wishing" misery on ANYONE.
  16. MrFedEx

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    Inaccurate. I was only a Seasonal Temp in Feeders. Get your facts straight.
  17. vantexan

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    When a UPS driver tops out in 3 years there's really no need for ass kissing. Do your time and get paid. When a FedEx courier gets strung along forever then the potential for abuse by mgrs increases exponentially. There is no real recourse to fight abuse because HR is too often a rubber stamp and the company often sweeps whatever it can under the rug. Yes, we should all, apparently in your estimation, just take what's dealt us or go find something better. So what if there's nothing better? Shouldn't we try to work toward a better workplace or should we just be doormats? I've often pointed out here that the workplace has changed and it's not in our favor. Management seems to hold all the cards these days. But it can't be denied that with a union at UPS commitments to the employees are being kept. FedEx on the other hand has lied repeatedly to the employees and hasn't honored the commitments it made. Does our time have value? If we work towards a goal in good faith then shouldn't those that established that goal keep their promises? Yeah, FedEx will be a Wall Street favorite soon enough. It's how they got there that we are protesting.
  18. TUT

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    I'm for anyone fighting and getting what you can. You are correct without the transportation part there is no business. That said, there is a time and place where you have to look at your own position and the realities of what is going on. If you think you can change it... go for it. If you don't feel you can and you are miserable, then you punish yourself for the sake of it? Or do you do something better for yourself? To me the wise choice would be go do something else.

    I don't know what you mean by "I can't", that's not the reason I'm not a package handler.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Most people who have a superiority complex can't, therefore they put down those who can. Don't worry you aren't the only one.
  20. TUT

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    You need my advice on finding a better life for yourself. I'm in transportation to, that is picking the carriers/services to move my packages, along with other interests, investing and other things. Does anyone wear a single hat anywhere anymore? I could write a 3 paragraph statement basically quoting you over the years and it would be spot on to what you believe. So hence in your world I would know what is going on. I don't question a lot of what you say is true. I am not against drivers fighting for more and believe you do deserve it. I question why you boxed yourself in and simply gave up, assuming all you can have is what Fedex gives you. Fedex lied, the Prez lied, NSA lied, Corps lie... now is everything lies or are some of these things they had to adjust to, to keep up with the market? I personally believe it is more that then anything else. We're screwing ourselves to the bottom.

    Cisco leaving go another 4000 people. So as Fedex tries to trim costs to gain market favor, if everyone is doing that, is there real favor being gained? Because if everyone is special no one is, right? Fedex when it's done will have saved X and so have the other Fortune 500's so the stock stays unchanged. We do see eye to eye on some things, other than how you treat yourself, I have a higher bar for you, then you do for yourself. Sad Panda.