Individualism of The Internet Presents a Threat to Democracy

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    Cass Sunstein is a Harvard Law Professor and has been named to be Obama's director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, the White House’s regulatory review office. The article above was from 2001' but is presented as background.

    The reason it's of any importance IMO pertains to the raising of the issue of the Fairness Doctrine. Fairness Doctrine in some sense makes no difference IMO because you are debating over a gov't sphere of control. They license who operates in that sphere in the first place so they have ever right to dictate what is said and how it's presented. No, I don't believe they should be doing that but we sit silent like lab rats and let them so there you go.

    The internet however is the new frontier and yes it has it's wild west frontier aspects but it also has it's way many more beauties just the same. Will the powers that be, both democrat and republican equally IMO feel threatened by growing popular decent, especially in the area of the net and begin to move to regulate but under an ideal of promoting democratic ideals over created threats of individualistic ideals?

    Is the individualist about to be listed in the halls of evil along with the likes of Hitler, Saddam, Osama and other modern day manifestations of evil?

    Paranoia? Could well be because as the article pointed out, much of this might not pass Constitutional muster but I'd also like to point out that the radio waves are controlled by gov't and this doesn't stop regulation in that area. Internet service as well is provided over mostly if not all means of gov't regulated access so I have to question just how far we would be insulated from gov't intrusion?

    History is loaded with events where the outspoken became seen as enemies of society all by virtue of edicts from the powers of the State. I'd stick this one in a drawer close by just as a means to watch from the edges. We face some tough days ahead and when things don't go right and decent steps up, the powers that be can do unthinkable things to protect themselves and their positions. They are after all, only human!
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    Cass Sunstein is so wrong that it is scary that Obama would pick this man to head anything. To question an individuals right of association is to undermine the rugged individualism that built this country and gave us our liberty.

    I swear, the elites who run this country must salvitate over the society that China has created for itself. Mindless consumerism and consumption without any discussion of events or ideas without the governments consent.

    And it doesn't matter which of the two major parties you support. They both, witness their actions, believe in an ever expanding government that controls all aspects of our lives and an imperialistic foreign policy that wants to control every aspect of the rest of the world's lives.

    They just have us debate issues that whoever is in power never really change to a major degree, issues such as abortion, gun control, euthansia, etc. They never make decisive decisions on any of these issues. Not to say those issues are not important, they are. But they are the distractions they "debate" as they steal our rights, rob our money and march our young people off to war.

    That all of us are not properly drinking our kool-aid is what Cass Sunstein is really worried about. And this is one of the geniuses teaching our future elites. We are in trouble.