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    Does anyone know the real scoop on the Indy contract? etc. Medical bennies, pay increases (when and how much and are they in effect now) rretirement and it's medical costs? Is there someplace to view the contract? The new year is starting and with our $12.00 a week raise I am sure people want to know how Indy is working,not just rumors.
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    hi,i work out of indy,and for the first contract i think we did good,knowing they had only 150 employees to negotiate for. remember the more members we get the stronger we become for the next contract. you can veiw the contract at www.teamsters .com.i think for the most part we are pretty happy for our first contract.
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    Thanks. Will see if I can find it on thier website. anybody else?
  4. I agree with 17004. 150 people we will not change anything.

    I think the contract is a decent 1st contract, I think there needs to be less cronism in the union and mangagement sides or the UPGF will be a memory.
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    by looking at just the financial part I don't think it is a good contract, here is why,

    1. we lose the drop&hook point system, which I like, I make almost $300 a week with it

    2. we lose the 401k match, which is about $2800 a year for me figuire it out over 25 years gaining intrest.

    3. I am never delayed, I work the dock, every driver that comes to the hub has that option

    4. (I am not 100% on this) but it was said on another UPS forum that roaddriver vacation pay will be paid at 8 hours and not an average daily pay as it is now. $70k a year 4 weeks vacation = $1800 lost

    total lost over a year about $20,000 (not including intrest from the 401k match)

    The drop and hook point scale will be replaced by paid actual time spent, to make the same amount of money I will have to spend about 14 hours a week dropping and hooking.

    I would much rather be in the cab with the wheels turning becuase that is where the most money/hr is made.

    I also understand that some people will benefit from this contract especially those who are delayed everyday. And there are runs that do triple turns which will lose more than me.

    What I don't understand is why p&d gets gains across the board and does not lose anything.
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    Maybe because P&D have been screwed for years and i mean years. No overtime after 8 means i have lost thousands over 25yrs. I mean THOUSANDS. Vacation is 40 hrs. I have never averaged 40hrs for a year. Remember Overnite did not pay any OT till about 1997 then it was after 47hrs.
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    You will make more on a quarter hour basis.

    You can't count something you never had in the first place (future contributions). Who's to say the company is going to keep the match, they could take it away.

    This is the same characteristic shared by most of the anti-union folk I've talked to, and thats thinking only of themselves. Not all of us have the option of working an hourly job instead of waiting. Some of us get delayed and don't get paid for it. The company needs help in this area.

    This should have never been posted if you weren't sure.

    It is the exact opposite with most that I come in contact with, including myself. 18 mins to find, hook and pretrip a set? 6 mins to fuel and checkout the tractor at the fuel island? These total about $9. If I got paid just on the quarter hour scale I would get paid $15 for the above. Thats not even actual time!! Thats .25 for fuel, and .50 for hook/pretrip.

    Now there's a statement!
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    Does anyone know about retirees Medical benefits under the Indy contract. I know from talking to retirees now that it is over $400.00 for single and over $800.00 for a couple. Please post if you know the specifics of the Indy contract. ( that includes dental in the above figures)
  9. bobs barricade tester

    bobs barricade tester Ups freight

    what is 1/4 hour, under the contract we will be paid actual time, I will have to spend over 15 hours a week dropping and hooking to break even. I will lose money, the guys making triple turns will lose even more. My ins. cost under the contract will double. What do you mean something we never had? The 401k match is available to nonunion employees. At 40 hours a week your match is over $30 a week that you lose.

    So lets see ins. increase is $22 a month, 401k match is $1560 a year dues will be $55.25 a month for a total of That is $2480 a year less.
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    I thought I was being very clear, but I guess I have to address this yet again.

    All you have to do is take the time it actually should takes to do these things, and you will make more than we make right now under the "every 6 min" rule. YOU WILL NOT MAKE MORE UNDER OUR CURRENT SCHEDULE. Disagree all you want, you will be wrong. It's common sense, think about it.

    The 401k: They took the pension away for people under a certain age, so what makes you think you will have your match? Your not entitled to your future match, If you think you are you're delirious.

    You know, the thing about you guy's that kills me is you don't want to give ANYTHING. I have given over $500 a month right off the bat when O and MC were merged, and I didn't have a say. Cut mileage, elimination of delay, we all took the hit over here right out of the gate. So, If I don't feel sorry for your $2480 a year less, excuse me.
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    ..not To Mention The Difference In Vac. Pay...thats Well Over A 10,000 Dollar Cut Guys For The Duration Of This Farce Of A Contract...what Is The Please...
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    Where is the entire contract......
  13. renegade313

    renegade313 New Member one knows?
  14. bobs barricade tester

    bobs barricade tester Ups freight

    UM, no,

    they did not take the pension from anyone your wrong.
    I and most anyone can hook faster than the time given, my yard is a small yard and so are the ones I goto, I can turnaround in 15 minuites dropout of my set and hook my next one. currently I get paid for .7 that is 36 minuites thats $15.47 and did it in 15 now I am back on the road getting paid by the mile, under the contract I would have only made $5.45 I run a triple turn and do this 3 times a night.

    under the contract If I slow down and take 36 minuites to hook a set then I make $15.47 but that takes time from the road and adds up over a week, or it means I have to spend more time at work to make the same amount of money.

    Show me how I make more.

    There is no entire contract only indy has a contract, a contract can't be negoitiated until a terminal joins the union.
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  16. bobs barricade tester

    bobs barricade tester Ups freight

    I am a long way from retiring so I don't pay much attention to this becuase it will change before I get to that point.

    But I work with a guy that has 35 years in and is gonna retire in 3 months he said as of now he will have to pay almost $900 a month to keep his medical benefits for him and his wife.

    He said he talked to the union organizer and they told him he would have to pay less than $400 for him and his wife.
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    All employees born on or after 1-1-1979 will no longer have a pension. It will be replaced by an increase on a 401k match. (which could or couldn't be there tomorrow, they don't owe this to you.)

    If you break,15 min, hook, 15 min, post and pretrip, at least 15 min (did you see the check list that UPS gave us? it should be more like 30 min.) In my yard you cant get out of there in less than an hour, and that's just digging out your trlrs, dodging the 4 yard goats and misc other trucks/cars/forklifts/safety personell. You get my meaning? It's not just a stroll down the road like you make it sound.

    I suggest you slow down, I've seen some of you solo guy's in the yard, trippin' all over yourselves trying to get everything done in 5 mins. Think of others around you. So what, you get home 30 mins later. You will have the enjoyment of knowing that you got through the night/day without putting yourself, or fellow employees in danger.

    You should call yourself, bobs patience tester.
  18. bobs barricade tester

    bobs barricade tester Ups freight

    I never said what you could do in your yard, I have been driving commercially for almost 20 years no accidents, I don't speed around the yard and am not unsafe. lets stick to facts and not make things up. It is not my or anyone else who works in smaller facilities fault (which I work out of a hub) that it takes you an hour to get hooked up. Don't be so quick to sell us down the road so you can gain. Aren't we all in this together? 30 mins later? when I do my triple turn I get paid for 10.2 hours, if I did it like you it would take me 6 hours day. 30 hours a week. Your numbers don't seem real.

    The more I read the indy contract the more I see losses

    dues - $4,322
    401k match loss $12,000
    regular raises $.60 a year $6,240
    total loss $22,562

    This is over 5 years

    Ins will also be a loss for me, I pay less now then what is in the indy contract but I am showing average not my specific situation, the 401k will differ between everyone could be more could be less, but I did not include in intrest it will make over 5 years

    Show me a $22,562 gain in this contract?

    And about the pension how about read the whole letter
    currently they get a 50% match on there first 7% of there 401k that changes to a 100% match of there first 3.5% 401k, there is no real change there it still tops out at 3.5% match there is no increase in the max dollar amount, but is does give a very small group a bigger match.

    For the people affected they get moved to the PAF UPS contributes a certian amount of money each year to this account and you will earn a guarnteed amount of intrest (no risk) every year, if your ever fired you take the account with you. It takes 3 years to vest. This is the same as a pension. Did you forget to mention this?, All you said is that there pension was gonna be taken away.
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    What the heck was this suppose to mean?

    Nobody asked you how long you've been driving for, and I think everyone of you guy's that I see in a major hurry would say they were safe. even though they are not.

    You add the dues into your loss column, but in my case the insurance will go down $100 a month with the contract. That would bring this to a positive $45

    How many times do I have to say this, You are not entitled to the match. How can you lose something you never had in the first place?? You overnite guys make me laugh. Whine all you want about the 401k.

    My raises in the next 5 years will be double that under the contract as compared to the Overnite past raises. I will get $.10 cpm over the next 5 years. Add another loss to the positive column.

    I don't know where you are getting your info for your losses, but this is plain nonsense. You are just looking for excuses why the Union is bad for you, and the excuses are pitiful, downright childish.

    And as far as the new 401k bs, it is not the same as a pension. You said they didn't do away with the pension, I say they did. And that's exactly what they did. You can have your 401k, I will still have mine and a pension under the contract. NO match, but it was not mine in the first place. I've gotten over this, you haven't. I have also semi gotten over the $6000 a year loss that I incurred when Motor Cargo's benefits were lowered to Overnites standards. You see, I've already lost, you haven't and I still don't see you losing with the contract. I would like to continue the argument but you obviously have a problem with the Union and nothing anyone will say will change that. Your losses are without truth. Have a happy future being miserable. Unionization is eminent, you either get on board, or find another job. Complaining effects the people around you, do you honestly want to become that guy that can't let go.

    Take care.
  20. ovntupsgf

    ovntupsgf ovntupsgf

    really don't care much about indy contract, but the comment about overnite taking over motorcargo and that motorcargo lost in the deal is chit, has anybody seen the shape of the units motorcargo has(trucks,trailers,dollies) if they took so much pride in there company why let there units get in bad shape, must be from giving them drivers big paychecks no money left over for fleet service