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    Inflammation:The Root Cause of All Disease?

    Been seeing this conclusion more and more from both orthodox and unorthodox medical sources and opinions.
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    Where I live, that kind of "inflammation" is caused by too many tacos. I kid, I kid
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    I've read similar info about inflammation from other sources. Seems like a common thread in current medical opinions.
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    The article we have all read, these 4 things that happen before a heart attack, is all about the inflammation thing.
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    So wkmac, if belly fat=early death,and exercise is the key,
    maybe Obama should make it mandatory.
    Not skinny enough,no healthcare....jk
    We all kinda knew this deep inside already right?
    I mean,a tortoise running as fast as he can,won't
    live long.Interesting post from you though.
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    I totally believe and agree with the "inflammation" causing a variety of diseases and illnesses. I've read quite a few books on the subject, ("Inflammation Nation") is one I recall offhand. The things I do, and it suggests is to take supplements such as GLA (a type of omega 6 that is a good guy), it is found in borage oil. They recomendation is to take 600 mg per day in divided dosages. Also, they highly recomend Omega 3 from fish oils.

    Dr Atkins in a book ("Vitanutrients"), recomended consuming from 3600- 7200 mg of oils consisting of equal parts borage oil, fish oil and flax oil. He didn't use the term inflammation, but he was talking about the same ideas and this book is a good 15+ years old.

    I take 3 fish oil pills a day (Am, noon and PM), 2 borage oil pills (Am, PM) and a flax seed pill (noon) each day. It helped me tremendously.

    I also take pantethine and pathothenic acid (a form of vitamin B5, and B5 itself). Along with a host of other herbs and vitamins. This really has helped my disease I have.

    Anyone suffering from any autoimmune disease, including people with diabetes would do well to look into this.
    Weight is also key and from Dr Atkins book, eating a low carb diet so you don't have spikes of insulin also to avoid problems with these types of diseases.
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    This site mentions over dosing and proper usage.......

    Always see what your doctor (not friends, or co-workers or fitness guys) says is best for you.
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    I used to agree with that line of thinking, but most Dr's are trained that drugs cure illnesses and which drug is best for you. They are also visited by reps from the Rx companies pushing the latest and greatest drugs. Most Dr's take very very few if any classes on nutrition and natural remedies (vitamins and herbs). Prior to doing my own research and deciding why not try it, since I saw no negatives from all the material I read. I did go to my specialists and also my General practioner. Both said, what I was thinking of would do no good. I have an autoimmune disease and there isn't much I can do with it.

    Well after dropping weight and taking the supplements and exercising, both Dr's were kind of dumbfounded by the results, but still don't believe it was due to my change of taking supplements.

    People should definitely do their own research. I would also recomend going to a Dr to ask if supplements you are interested in could hurt you.. (Some can have negative reactions with certain drugs etc). But I would not take a Dr saying it won't work or won't help as a reason not to try eating healthier and taking supplements.
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    I agree that many doctors are far too cozy with pharmaceutical reps (although they hand out samples like candy and at times my doc has given me 2-3 months worth of medicine for free).

    However in terms of nutritional supplements, most are not regulated by the FDA. Be careful. Do your research on the brands you are buying because often they come from china or some sub-par manufacturing facility. There have been some studies showing trace levels of things you don't want to be popping into your system; and in better case scenarios you're not actually getting the amounts (or far more of the amounts) that you think you are getting.
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    You make a good point about supplements but IMO the FDA is equally problematic so having their blessing may not be any better either. Where at all possible, get your vitamin and mineral needs from actual food sources themselves rather than a simple pill. There may be cases where the supplement becomes necessary but food sourced vitamins and minerals will always be best.

    On reducing inflammation, Dr. Joseph Mercola on his website lists 6 things to do that help reduce inflammation.

    1) Stop Smoking
    2) Think olive oil, fish, nuts eg Mediterranean diet rich in Omega 3
    3) Get Active
    4) Shrink your waist size women over 35 inches/men over 40 inches high inflammation risk
    5) Get enough sleep (my own personal weakness) 7.5 hours per night
    6) Reduce stress

    Also Vitamin D according to some has been found to reduce inflammation and the best source for that is found outside above one's head. I've found sitting outside in the sun to also be a stress reducer along with watching the chipmunks who will literally come and play under my feet if I sit still enough. That and watching the humming birds does it every time for me.

    An excellent supplement for inflammation is the carotenoid Astaxanthin but do your research (both pros and cons) on this. There is a synthetic Astaxanthin that many have questions but I'm hearing good things about the natural Astaxanthin derived from microalgae. Also found naturally in salmon, trout and krill as in krill oil supplement which is high in Omega oils.
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    25 year heart surgeon with over 5000 open heart surgeries under his belt speaking out regarding the harm of inflammation as it relates to heart disease.

    Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease