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    What do I need to do to make book?? " as a fulltime driver" because I'm hearing they play a lot of games, they let you get to your very last day and send you back inside.. I'm currently in foster ave hub/ center " new york"
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    ask someone in that hub. I here a lot of people work there
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    quit while you have a chance!
  4. Right now I would be more concerned about our Union playing games with part timers trying to make book as full timers.
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    Unlike the responses from the last two idiots , and they are idiots. I will try and help a fellow Teamster.

    First keep records of every day you work remember you are in the free period so if you have any 8 hour days before Oct 15 they count toward seniority.

    Second keep notes on every day you work , stuff like , are you on a training route what routes your doing, keep track of pcs , stops, pickup stops and pcs, do you help other drivers , is work dropped off to you.

    Remember that if you are already in the union and not off the street then you are entitled to a hearing if UPS wants to send you back. For years there would be no hearing and guys and gals would get jerked around.

    The good thing is that in Foster you have Anthony C as a BA when he first got to Foster UPS tried to send back 6 part timers back to the preload , for 4 of them it was their 3rd or 4th time trying to make full time. Anthony C had a hearing and all 6 made book. So don't listen to these idiots here. I think that you should make sure you talk to your steward and even talk to Anthony C.

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    Also lets see how serious you are after you talk to your steward or Anthony C post here what they tell you. But what ever you do don't listen to some of those idiots in the Fort Hamilton Center....... TRUST ME......
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    Thanks a lot man