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    Is there anyway I can find out how long the drivers list is at my location? Or really any information about anyway of moving up in the company?

    (I am not trying to walk before I can crawl so to speak I am just trying to find out as much I can about this place and the way it works)

    If I ask both my PT Sup and FT Sup any type of questions just trying to learn more about anything they tell me "Its not my job to inform you of anything".

    If you know people in management can you move up quicker and pass people? Sorry for the dumb questions
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    Ours fits on a single sheet of 8" x 11" paper, single spaced.
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    your supervisors sound like total jags. talk to human resources and union rep.
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    You should be able to view your sort's seniority list -- which should include any 22.3 combos -- to give yourself a good idea of the level of seniority in your building. FT supervisors and Division Managers are absolutely aware of the general wait to go FT; this information is gathered for retention purposes, for which they receive bonuses by retaining new hires.

    There is a 6:1 inside/outside hiring ratio for FT driving opportunities. This means that for every seven driving jobs that are open for bidding, six must come from the union work force and one can be off-the-street. The off-the-street hire is usually given to a PT supervisor chosen by the Division Manager or a casual/peak season driver that is well-liked by management. While this can slot a supervisor into a package car a lot faster than waiting for a bid opportunity, it's usually based on how much ass you kiss, what color you are, and what's between your legs -- in that order. PT supervisors that are slotted in this way are usually expected to later become a FT on-car supervisor.
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    Small center? Ours is three 8x11:peaceful:
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    Call 867-5309 and ask for Jenny. She will tell you.
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    Damn you Tommy Tutone!
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    ​With how much you reference it, would I be safe to say you have that as your ring tone?
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    Short answer is average wait is 3-9 years so it varies a LOT. In my driver school class I was the shortest wait with 3 1/2 years part time, but I had guys in the class from other centers who had been waiting 7,8,9 years to go driving. Your local can tell you where they are on the annual list and how many before they get to you. The ultimate person to speak with is the local HR person but it can sometimes be hard to get their name & number unless you talk to a newer driver who might still have the contact info.
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    What if the HR person is a really good friend or even family? Could they bypass you over others who were waiting or on the list?

    The reason I ask is there was a guy who started at the same time that I did who keeps saying he cant wait for his 30 days to be up because as soon as a driver spot opens he will be off preload. He has only been there about 20 working days but is the HR's brother in law.
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    Took me 51 weeks to become a ft driver. This was after they told me when i was hired that the wait was 7 years. Maybe they didn't see the internet explosion coming.
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    Any hourly employee who signs the bid to go FT has a chance, but it goes in order of seniority. Even if they have connections in HR if the bid process is not followed the grievances will flood in and that HR person will get in trouble and the mess to sort out the grievances might result in more than just 1 person going FT. So I'd not worry about someone else with connections getting the bid, if they somehow do file that grievance immediately.
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