Injured drivers asked to work the Pre-load

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  1. I'm seeing this more and more often. They're usually asked to scan smalls from forever bags as the 3rd scanner (across from another one......usually only 2 scanners in my building)

    Today driver was brought in and has a "no lift" restriction and asked to scan a moving belt for the first time. Has trouble keeping up with scanning, many no scans come to Dcap, can't pull bags off the belt, can't do smalls from forever bags cause he can't lift.... etc...etc..

    Why bring the driver in to do this when he's on a "no lift" restriction? Totally ruined the normality of the shift.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Keeps his injury off the books.
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    I've seen them have drivers come in and call sales leads in all day.
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    Now they center gets charged full price for TAW. Just another way to cook the books.
  5. Is he/she the one making that decision or being told "you have to come in" even though he has "no lift" or somewhat restrictions?

    It never use to be like that before and doubt they're all of a sudden "volunteering to come in."
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    Only do what the doctor says you can do.
  7. 32yr driver told he has "no lift" restriction by Doc, yet Brown tells him to come in to work "hands on" on the Pre-load.....:confused:
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    Guess he scans and you hump cardboard.
  9. Yes, he scanned but no humping cardboard here.
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    They may be trying to trap them into doing work and catching them working beyond their restrictions and then they can tell the doctor and comp people's that the employee is full of crap because they saw him/her doing work.
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    Do safety stuff like printing urinal flyers.
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  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Would you rather make your regular pay or what your state pays for comp?
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    Workman's comp is tax free. Take a guess...
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    Temporary Alternate Work. (TAW)
    Management can use this for up to 30 days. Keeps the injury from becoming an OSHA recordable lost time injury if the employee can return to work within those 30 days.
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    Workman's comp here in Texas when I was on it paid 818.00, and yes, it was tax free. They offered me TAW, at feeder double rate and guaranteed me 50 hours, since that was my scheduled day. My TAW consisted of sitting in the break room and watching tv. I'll take a little under 2k/week to watch tv and read the paper. And I didn't even have to wear my browns.
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    They are trying to keep drivers working hurt by doing this. Why report an injury if you know they will make you come in for preload?

    You have to be firm with your doctor and let him or her know how hard so called- light duty can be. Have them keep you home.
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    From what I understand, work comp is up to rhe business as far as light duty is concerned. That is, a driver is not allowed to choose between TAW and "no lift" work. Is that correct?
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    I also thought TAW had to be during your normal shift?
    Atleast it is here.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When I was on comp it was $400/week.