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    I broke my wrist off-job and I've not worked in 3 weeks. Probably wont be back til Jan. In our center, anytime a driver is injured and out of work for a while, the drivers pitch in money to help them out. Most give $20-$50 a piece. We have over 40 drivers so this is roughly $1000. Are there other centers out there that do something similar for injured drivers?
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    Check with your local, some have disability programs in place.
    Usually these are only for full time employees.:happy-very:
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    I just recently applied for ST Disability thru our local. It's only about $300 a week, but better than nothing. I was just curious if other centers help injured drivers financially.
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    It is nice that drivers in your center pitch in to help but I like to take care of my own business so I have supplemental health, accident and injury insurance through Combined, which is similar to AFLAC but not nearly as expensive. For roughly $100/month I am protected both on and off the job. Every time I go to the ER I receive a check for $300. I received $1100, which was in addition to comp, when I had surgery several years ago. These policies, while they do not replace my income, do provide supplemental income while I am out of work, whether the injury/accident/illness occurred while I was working or not. Check with your creditors to see if they will allow you to skip a payment while you are out of work--you may be surprised how many will do this for you. Check with your Local to see if they will help. Use this injury as a opportunity to plan for future injuries as we all know that this job has more than its share of injuries.
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    Im going to be out of work about 6 weeks so i'll be fine. my wife works and we have plenty of savings. I've checked into LT Disability Ins. and it is very expensive. Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesnt UPS offer company paid LTD Ins.
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    Yes, it is administered by Met Life and is available to full-time employees (with a few exceptions) and begins after the STD coverage ends or 26 weeks from the date of your STD disability. It pays a maximum of $500 week for up to 5 years (some restrictions apply). You can request a brochure from your HR rep of by calling Met Life at 1-877-638-4877.
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    Did you get a withdrawl(sp?) card from the union? Alot of people forget that when going on comp or leave due to a injury. Otherwise you may owe back dues. 6 weeks, what's that around $105 bucks?
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    We always take up for injured workers at our center.That's what brothers and sisters are for.
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    Heck I couldn't squeeze 3 bucks apiece out of the guys to buy a radio for the sort. My experience with my fellow union brothers and sisters is that they rank among the TIGHTEST group of clowns on the planet. Right up there with school teachers. If you got sick at my old center you could expect to be put on an ice flow like the Eskimos and set out to sea to die.:helpsmili
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    And who are you trying to bring reality into this thread?

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    Just telling it like it REALLY is:punk: