Injured Employee Conference Calls

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    A few years ago when I was in ASPIRE, I happened to be in talking to the SM when it was time for the Conference Call. To my surprise, I was invited to stay and listen, but not participate. The first 15 minutes or so were what you'd expect, but at about 20 minutes in all of the seniors began to participate in an injured employee discussion. What really shocked me was when they started discussing how they were going to blame the injuries of several employees on sources outside of FedEx. The senior of each of the injured employees started by describing the at-work injury, and then started discussing the hobbies and outside activities of each. Did they golf, play baseball, play soccer, or anything off-duty which could be blamed for the injury? After an exchange of ideas, one of these outside activities was chosen for each of the employees as the source of their injury. That way, the injury wouldn't be recorded as on-the-job, and the onus would be put onto the employee to prove otherwise. I heard 3 separate incidents, all of which were clearly on-the-job.

    Let this be a lesson to you. #1, don't discuss outside activities with anyone at work, especially management. #2, be prepared and have witnesses who can back you up if and when you do get injured on-the-job. And #3, if there is a senior manager out there who can verify this is still going on, please enlighten us as to how FedEx really works internally.

    I highly suspect this is still going-on, because injury rates keep "dropping", when the exact opposite is true. What a great company. It's time to air the dirty laundry on this place.
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    That is pretty common at pretty much any workplace.
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    See my other response about you and your KTM. It's illegal. By the way, my hero (Malcolm Smith) is on KTMs these days. I think he's 70 now.