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    I was injured working on the midnight shift. It happened right after break. I'm a sorter and was just lifting to an upper belt and felt something snap in my shoulder. My supervisor just happened to come by to ask me to sort 2 unloaders (something I've been doing for a while). I told him I was just injured and he asked if I was OK. I said, "I don't think so, I cant lift my left arm higher than a couple of inches." He said, " OK man, I'll let you go home first tonight" AN HOUR later he sent me home. He didn't report the injury to anyone and it being a Friday night, I naively figured I'd "tough" it out. I called in on Monday and let them know I wouldn't be in. They pretty much freaked out and the supervisor was fired but then rehired two days later. I have a note from my doctor saying I can't lift anything over ten pounds. It has been two weeks and I feel like I'm getting the runaround every night. They ask if I want to take the night off, or they'll say you can tape boxes. I tell them I can't lift anything over ten pounds and they try to make me feel bad about it. I have been trying to get approved to get an MRI, which my doctor ordered, and Liberty Mutual won't return any of my calls. I have a constant burning sensation in my entire arm and every time I try and use it there is a grinding followed by a pop and sharp pain. I guess I just need advice on what to do next. Should I contact the union, get a lawyer, just wait??? Any advice in dealing with this would be much appreciated.
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    your dr is in charge but you half to fill out the on job inj report take no bs it is your arm get dr note saying NO WORK no use of arm you should have gone to hospital the day of the problem:blushing:
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    The worst thing you could have done was go to your own doctor. Now they will most likely try to deny your claim. Wait and see what happens but be prepared to contact that attorney.
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    They will try to make you work doing TAW(?) which is light duty without the worker's comp claim. They do not want you to file a worker's comp claim. You HAVE to file a workers comp claim as your injury does not sound like one that will "go away" with light duty. It would have been nice if you had filled out that form the Teamsters give you that says if hurt on the job you can go ton your own doctor. Most likely you did not. That is still OK. If you have all that noise in your shoulder, even the UPS "quack in a box" most likely will not return you to work without an MRI. Worker's comp, dude. Nothing less. You shouldn't even be lifting anything until you have seen a doctor. Ask the many UPS'ers who have injured their shoulders on the job. Good luck and stand firm!!! (Your supervisor is your witness to the injury time)
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    Contact an attorney, don't try to go it alone. I don't know what the Workman's Comp Laws are in your state but you need somebody to fight for your rights. Liberty Mutual does not care about your well being. All you are is a claim number to them that affects their bottom line. They have all the lawyers and doctors they need to fight you. You need somebody with experiance on your side . Believe me, they will fight you.
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    not true only have to go to company dr once then you can go were ever you want. when i broke my hand i went to company dr who took x-rays then after that i only went to hand specialist. only say company dr once and had no problems.
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    you need to fill out an injury report asap and then you can get medical treatment covered under workmans comp
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    thanks all for your replys. To recap:
    Got hurt on a Fri and sup had me work for an hour after and didn't report it.
    I was up all night - in pain - and saw my doc Sat. morning.
    Called in Mon. night and upper mgmt freaked out that sup didn't report it. They fired him Mon and rehired Wed.
    Saw company Doc on Wed. said I was to go to Physical therapy.
    Discussed taking my option week w-safety office instead of coming in (on a lot of pain meds, can't drive). They said it was cool and I'd get paid 25 hrs for the week. Saw my doc on Thurs and said to get MRI. Safety office said they'd get MRI approved. Returned to work on Mon. Filled out injury report, got workers comp claim #. Confirmed 4 times over the week I was to be paid vac. Friday- no check. Every night I have to fight w these people and they - MGMT. all seem to need to be there in the room at the same time. Telling me they care and want me to get better. Called Liberty 4x and left msg that I need approval for MRI. it's been a week and they won't call me back. I worked tonight taping open boxes and my arm is completely numb. Should I involve the union, or is that just adding to my misery. That is, will they be able to help or just make things more complicated?
  9. Johney

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    But did you go to your doctor first or theirs?
  10. Load Stand

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    contact union office...ask for their money using an attorney...may not have had to use vacation time - depends on state comp laws...couldn't drive into work because of pain meds? Did you not drive anywhere else??.....the doc must order the safer next time.....
  11. Johney

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    All I can tell you is if you don't do things exactly right they will deny, fight and just plain give you a hard time. By exactly right I mean when your hurt notify your sup immeditly,have it called in right then go to the company Dr listen to them say it's just a strain then tell him/her you want to see a specialist. If they don't give you a referal tell them you'll be contacting an attorney and contact one. I have seen too many guys in my building not due this exactly right and have claims denied.
  12. Big Babooba

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    Like you, I was injured on a Friday. I filled out the paperwork and he called it in. After seeing the company doctor that night, I had surgery the next day. For 3 weeks I called my manager almost daily because Liberty Mutual hadn't contacted me. He kept telling me not to worry because they knew about it. (He did make the call in front of me and got a claim number). I called the Safety Dept and Liberty Mutual. Neither one had any knowledge of my injury. That morning I got a lawyer. That following Monday, I got a check for 4 weeks of Comp that was due to me and that Friday I started getting my weekly check.
  13. LKLND3380

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    Ok, lets look at the facts...

    The object you were lifting, was it an over 70?
    Was it outside your end range motion?
    Did you twist instead of pivot?
    Did you use two hands firmly on opposite corners?

    You notified a supervisor because ALL INJURIES MUST BE REPORTED NO MATTER HOW SMALL.

    The supe asked you to continue working - YOU WORKED AS DIRECTED and DID NOT REFUSE TO WORK... If you refuse to work you could be fired but if you work as directed and the supe knew you were injured then the burden is on UPS...


    They fired the Supe for not following methods...

    You seeked medical attention from your own doctor BECAUSE UPS DROPPED THYE BALL... The injury should have been reported immediately and you should have been taken to a doctor by UPS within an hour of reporting it... You went home and thought it would be fine - YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR... YOUR SUPE IS NOT A DOCTOR and letting you go home first and not reporting it IS NOT PROPER METHODS.

    You are under doctors orders for a DART (Day Away Restricted or Transfered) injury. You have weight limitations and should be doing porter work.

    If they try to make you feel bad because you can't lift over 10 lbs so what... IF YOU ARE TOLD TO DO A JOB AND REFUSE YOU CAN BE FIRED. IF THEY TELL YOU TO LIFE A 65LBS BOX AND THEY KNOW YOU ARE UNDER DOCTORS ORDERS - UPS IS 100% LIABLE FOR ANY INJURY PRE EXISTINGOR OTHERWISE... The reason I know this is we had a PtSupe at our center get injured in a car accident and then during peak she was directed to move boxes. She reinjured and UPS settled out of court for some big bucks.

    I am not a doctor but my guess is you have a torn labrum and rotator cuff in the shoulder joint sockets. A SLAP tear, Bankart lesion or Posterior labral tears. Your doctor MUST know which you have in order to perscribe proper treatment INCLUDING PHYSICAL THERAPY, anti inflamitory medicine and cortisone injections. A Bankart will take a minimum of six months to repiar itself... A MRI will help diagnose if it is a SLAP tear and arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder may be recommended. If you want to contiue working at UPS or do ANYTHING of a "athletic nature" surgery is a must.

    Because you said you were placing a box on a upper belt there is a 80% chance you have a SLAP tear.

    Because you have a burning sensation, a grinding and a pop... I am surprised the doctor didn't tear up the weight restriction and PLACE IT IN A SLING TO PREVENT YOU FROM USING IT FOR 6 WEEKS - TAW (Time Away from WORK...
  14. LKLND3380

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    You must take Physical Therapy ordered by their doctor UNLESS YOU GET A SPECIALIST to say different.

    Get paid 25 hours? I believe you are only guaranteed 3 1/2 hours per day.

    You can contact the Union and they may be able to offer some advice like a Specialist and a Lawyer.
  15. cantwin69

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    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply in such length to my post.
    I appreciate your knowledge. Maybe you should be a doctor, or a lawyer.:)
    Better yet, the way you laid out my case, my union steward.
    Anyway, I Googled SLAP tears and that describes my condition EXACTLY.
    I am going back to my doctor and asking for a referral to an Orhtopedic.
    Again, thanks alot. :thumbup1:
  16. cantwin69

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    >>The object you were lifting, was it an over 70?
    Was it outside your end range motion?
    Did you twist instead of pivot?
    Did you use two hands firmly on opposite corners?<<

    This is exactly what I did- In this order:
    1. I got close to the box.
    2. I bent at the knees.
    3. I tested the box for weight and shifting contents.
    4. I grasped opposite corners of the box.
    5. I lifted with a smooth steady motion - I didn't jerk.
    6. I stepped and pivoted - no twisting was involved.
    7. I used existing equip-I let the belt do the work.
    8. I adapted to the hot weather which caused sweaty hands because I had my gloves on.
  17. LKLND3380

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    But the real question is...
  18. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    Make sure you take of this with a DOCTOR!!!

    UPS may be a part time career right now and possibly turn into a full time career that you retire from. Maybe this is just a part time job untill something else comes along...

    Either way... THIS INJURY IS THERE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE... HOW YOU TREAT IT AND THE RECOVERY WILL DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE... Maybe your future will not be lifting boxes but how about picking up your kids or grand kids?

    Take care of your self now and make sure it is done right...
  19. Johney

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    Dam good advice LKLND3380 :thumbup1:
  20. helenofcalifornia

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    Get a lawyer and stop working if you want your shoulder to heal. I am surprised , also, that you are not in a sling.