Injured on the job, what next?

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    I work on the ramp loading aircraft. Last week I was topside on a MD-11 pushing, positioning and securing air containers for transit to Louisville when another employee began to push a container behind me without receiving the go ahead-all clear. We were all working a little faster than normal since this was our second plane after the first one (Airbus 300) went red, meaning it was taken out of service. The two-ton container (also called an AMJ) ended up smashing my left foot. I am experiencing some soreness, and severe swelling which has gone down a lot after keeping the foot elevated, on ice and taking Advil. I have still reported to work everyday since the injury and can only walk on the front of my foot.

    This is my first on the job injury so my question is, will UPS pay for the treatment my foot needs such as an x-ray and maybe have the remaining fluid drained from my foot to reduce the swelling or will they tell the doctor to take every shortcut possible to save money? I’m not looking for time off and a free paycheck, I’m old fashioned and prefer to earn my keep.

    Thanks in advance for the input.
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    Hopefully you reported an injury such as that when it happened,if not do it now. UPS will send you to their doctor but make your own appointment to see an orthopedic specialist. That is important as his decisions will override a general practioner whose decisions can be deadlocked by UPS` doctor. Your bills,under workmans comp on the job injury,will be paid at 100%. If either doctor places you on restricted duty,and their is no alternate work that meets the doctors guidelines,the you will go on work comp and be paid at 66.6% of your normal pay after 2 weeks off. The pay will be retroactive to cover the first 2 weeks. UPS may require you to come in and sit for your sceduled day as temporary alternate work (TAW). However if you are placed on medication the may make it unsafe for you to commute,or if commuting irritates your condition,then see your ortho doc and have him write a letter stating that travel should be avoided and you can stay home.
    Documate everything! Don`t be intimidated into working off your injury! See a ORTHOPEDIC doctor! Sign,or say nothing admiting fault.
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    Make sure the orthopedic will do workmans comp-not all do.
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    You reported, this, right?
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    Yes, I reported it. Actually, my supervisor saw the whole thing.
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    Tugdriver, everyone is giving you good advice. If you are injured at work, always fill out an Injury Report before you leave work. If you haven't, do so immediately. It sounds like you should have a witness, put their names on it also. I am having a hernia repaired next week,and it is Workman's Comp. I called the office minutes after it happened and filed a report that night.
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    Get a comp lawyer.
  8. cachsux

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    I waited on getting a lawyer as long as there was no resistance in allowing treatment on my injury. The one thing about having a lawyer is that once you bring one in to speak for you then that is the only way the company will work is thru the lawyer. Somtimes it slows things down. If you want to get one on the side for advice that would be ok untill you needed him to step in.
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    you mean, the company could act in good faith? :w00t:

    let's hear the groans...
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    So today I went to the "Doc in a Box" location contracted with UPS. Took some x-rays, nothing broken, but the doctor acknowledged the severe swelling. I showed him pictures of the container (from UPS Global Home) that smashed my foot and he was amazed nothing was broken. I asked him to stick a needle in the swollen area and drain it, he refused citing the company would not approve it and I had to just walk on it in pain for the next few weeks. He gave me some tylenol and some pain relief cream to rub on it and said see you in five days. For what I said? He said for a check up. I tried to say no thanks, but my boss says I have to go back. I'm considering a second opinion.

    For the meantime I am back on the ramp, business as usual, no light duty.
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    You don't have anything to lose by acting in good faith. Companies obligation here is to get the person the proper medical treatment and healed up.

    The company will also try to manage the cost which as many of you know can be extremely high.

    If you feel the care you recieve through the alleged company doctor is not adequate you have the right to go to your own doctor for a second opinion.

    Many unions have also tried to steer you towards managed medical care as they have seen the rising cost of medical care. Its not some evil company plot but a reality of todays world as medical costs go through the roof.

    In your case you have nothing to lose. If this managed care is not doing the job then you have options. Therefore you have the option of acting in good faith and waiting to see if you the company provided care will be adequate.
  12. cachsux

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    See an Orthopedic Specialist! From experiance,trust me.
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    see another dr ups uses :censored2: drs you are intittled to see some one else ups dr told me i brused my wrist 4 weeks later i went to my dr with xray from com dr there were 2 big cracks in the bone see some one else and take xray for comparing:blush:
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    I had a similar issue with swelling (allergic reaction to a wasp sting) and i could feel the puss. Two doctors said specifically not to drain it. That'll do nothing but cause infection.

    I'm suprised a doctor would give you surface cream for a bone/muscle injury. Any doctor with half a brain knows that crap doesn't work, it's a placebo, ice is 10X more effective.

    And if you're in pain, what the hell are you doing on the ramp, man1?! Don't your labor laws (let alone that union thing you pay 3x hours into every month) allow you to refuse work if you're f'n hurt? Where I live, they have to at least provide accomdation, so if you can stand but not walk for long periods, they'd put you on the FMC, if you can't walk without pain, they'd make you keep the pushback trailer warm.

    If I were in your situation where I couldn't walk, I'd insist on being accomdated. If not, I'd walk and return when healed (or accomodated). Firing you for refusing to work while injured is something judges are sympathetic to and labor lawyers drool over. They'll push you around if you allow them to push you around.
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    the second doctors visit is the doctor of record
    I suggest you see a foot doctor ,the walkin/industry type clinic is not the way to go
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    When they take an xray you only see your bone. You might have ligament or muscle damage. Request for an MRI. And let them know that youre still hurting. Yes UPS doctors sucks they will put you back to work asap. Put your own doctor on file with the co. and union.
  17. HazMatMan

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    He saw the whole thing? Will he actually SAY he saw the whole thing?
  18. hoser

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    Yeah get a bone scan, I fractured my foot, and an x-ray didnt' reveal that, only a bone scan.