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    I have a total of 17years in the company. In 2004 I went FT package got hurt in 2006 on the job. My doctor took me out of FT driving permenantly. I got released to go back in 2008. I technically have 4years of FT driving senority under my belt. In 2008 the company offered me a combo job but would be on a waiting list for 2-years or more until something came up with (no pay/no benifits)or I could take a PT job now. With my back against the wall and in need of finacial and medical support, I took the PT position. I have been and still am PT for a total of 9 years since 2008.

    My question is other PT employees/combos with hire senority who have never had FT driving senority/pure job senority like I have had for 4-years (2004-2008) Who technically could pull rank? My pension and pay rate progression both recognize my FT 4-year driving status, wven though I did go back to PT wages. Reasoning being is that Im now an AIR DRIVER trying to get morning work daily but a PT employee with 1-year higher senority keeps getting offered the job, whi has no FT experience like myself.
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    Who has the higher seniority in the job classification your are asking about
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    PT Air Drivers at our south western california hub go by company senority, unless they have some sort of combo senority with automatically takes priority regardless if its 4mo as combo or 4 years. My questions was could I utilize my FT 4-year senority in a situation like this to bump a higher PT employee with no standing FT senority
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    Grieve it and let the chips fall where they may
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    This scenario explAins perfectly why you shouldn't run or try to be a hero as a package car the end your body can't handle the extra pressure you put on it and it breaks...sorry to hear about another driver who ends up like this... it happens over, and over, and over....
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    Thats the truth man. Caused me to wake up and get my degree thou for a plan B
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    Air driving after sort is classified as extra work unless its part of a combo job as stated above. Unfortunately your FT status or how many years you were fulltime don't matter. If that part timer has more seniority they will get the extra work.
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    You can't drive ft but you can drive air?
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    Who would thought, seniority rules, could be so complicated. It would be so much easier if 17 years with UPS actually meant 17 years of seniority. Just one more thing for you guys to keep track of.
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    We have had situations like this in my building and it always boils down to seniority. ALWAYS.
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    Yeah Air driving isnt as strenuous as fulltime route driving
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    Oh I hadn't noticed
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