Injured Workers Forced to Demonstrate Safe Work Methods

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    Harassment or Not? When UPS has injured workers demonstrate "Safe Work Methods" in front of a group of co-workers, do you consider it an indirect form of harassment?

    Our center recently started a program whereby part-time workers injured on the job are forced to demonstrate the proper method of the safety issue they allegedly failed to follow.

    I maintain that any injury of an employee falls under the HIPAA regulations and should not be forced to put him or herself on "public display". I also maintain that this procedure discourages injured employees from properly reporting the injury.

    I suggest that all injured individuals that are forced to demonstrate proper work methods in front of your co-workers, file an Article 37 Grievance. I also recommend that you consider filing a lawsuit under the Privacy Laws (HIPAA). IF UPS wants to demonstrate safe work methods, I suggest that they either do it themselves OR have a member of the CHSPA safety Committee do the demonstration. There is absolutely NO reason to humiliate an injured worker in front of his co-workers.
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    If even one person learns something from the demonstration and changes their own behaviors then the demo has served its purpose. Humiliation? Give me a break.
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    Yeah, this also parallels the injured employee being forced to re-enact injuries and have pictures taken. Sure, let me speak with council first and also make sure he/she receives the pictures...that squashed it.

    If it means making money, or saving money (insurance), UPS will do matter the externalities. Typical corporate America.
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    I would file a grievance a and call my attorney. I would also , prior to doing what UPS forced me to do, get a friend to film it... nowadays, we need to use our cameras to fight the evil sups who use theirs,,
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    Call an attorney? Really???
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    While I do feel this is a bit much it should be sufficient to show proper methods while shouldn't be a sideshow. It's hardly attorney stuff though. Not at this level. After repeated attempts at squashing it maybe but not right away.
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    this has happened in my building. 99% of people do not practice safe work methods, including the people who had to demonstrate the methods. management looks the other way 99% of the time. keep the belt running is all they care about til someone gets hurt. its all fun and games til someone loses an eye.
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    Yeah I would call an attorney.. After this long I am sick of the harassment . Having one demonstrate, with coworkers watching, is doing nothing but trying to make that injured worker feel ashamed of an accident/injury. We all know that UPS is not a safe place to work and their continued attempts of harassment and intimidation need to be stopped in what ever way we feel would do the best.. I was being harassed daily my manager. The union did nothing to stop it.. I was being forced to work by different rules, i.e... punching out to piss.. no other worker, part time or full, package or feeder were forced to do this. My union rep said I had to do it.. his words.. So I complied, documented and spent close to 5K for an attorney to deal with it.. Months later my sup asked when he was riding with me, what are you doing, as I punched out to piss? he then stated I no longer needed to do this. REALLY??? SINCE WHEN and am I going to get paid for all the time I was forced to do it to keep my job?? Yeah, I will call my attorney again, and this time, I will dump all my stock and sue the hell out of them...
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    UpstateNYUPSer... I chose long ago to defend those than cannot defend themselves. Humiliation is a personal feeling and cannot be determined by anybody but the person involved in that particular matter. While you can speak for yourself, I will speak for and stand up for those that ask me for their assistance. When an employee comes up to me and informs me they are "humiliated", I take their word for it and will do everything in my power to correct the issue.

    As I stated, IF the supervisors OR a member of the Safety Committee wishes to demonstrate safe work methods...then so be it. An injured worker should not be made an example of, if he or she wishes the matter to remain private.
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    You are correct Sleev_meet_Heart. Thank you for the advice....

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    ‚ÄčOur safety committee does a demonstration, we would not have it any other way....
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    Why don't we just put the injured workers in Stocks out in the middle of the building like in old Puritan Boston, so all can ridicule and enjoy !!! [​IMG]
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    If any one here wonders about UPS true feelings for us,,,,please take note of my signature tag below!!!! That sums it up !!
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    Were you referring to me?
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    How about parade them around in one of the irreg train cars.
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    Just say no I'm not doing that. What can they really say? Failure to follow instructions? If so then say I'm contacting a comp attorney to advise me of my legal obligations.