Injuries and UPS: Carpel Tunnel/Calcium Deposit

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    These aren't very serious things, I don't think, but it got me thinking. If I get an injury at UPS--which seems likely over an extended period--and that injury makes me unable to work my job, that's me staying home with no pay, right? What I was wondering is what's covered under workers comp. Just the doctor visit? Doc visit and medical costs?

    So, if I got injured to where I couldn't work, I'd have to just find another, less physical job; because, I couldn't make expenses--even if UPS was responsible (I'm not saying they always or even mostly are, just let's presume that they were) for my injury.

    I'm also almost at the year mark, if that makes any difference, at the end of Jan '15.

    I've heard you have to 'prove' that it happened at UPS. Wouldn't proof be that the only physical thing I do--I hardly do anything physical, including walking, outside of UPS--that's pretty much evidence, isn't it?
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    The game now is light duty. Move shifts around so it its a real pain.
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    slip,trip or fall
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    Comp will pay your medical bills and give you a weekly check but it is not nearly enough to pay the bills. Get a supplemental insurance policy through either Aflac or Combined.

    I had surgery for carpal-like symptoms on both elbows. Between comp, Combined and light duty I was just fine.
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  5. Indecisi0n

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    UPS doesn't make it easy for people trying to ride the comp gravy train.
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    Well, at least they help you out a bit. That's better than nothing. Would they do that for a PT Loader, as well? Or is that a full time thing? Forgot to mention that. I can't really afford much. How much is the Aflac or Combined insurance?

    Light duty would work--but, even when I broke my big toe a couple months ago (unrelated to UPS), they had me do the same damn thing I always do. No light duty for a broken toe, I guess. I could hardly walk at all, basically hopping on one foot to go push down. -__-;; Needless to say, the truck got severely backed up. They didn't put me in a slow one, either. One of the fastest. Derp. Though, they did send help when it inconvenienced them enough.

    I'm 129 pounds, and they've had me doing irregs pretty much all week last week. Up to 135 pound packages...Having me lift things that weigh more than I do. I've never done that many of them before, in that time though; and, now my shoulder is acting up. I'll ask to avoid irregs--at least picking them up and putting them on the 5-foot grating, until it chills out.

    I hardly think resting with an injury that incapacitates you, *because* of working at UPS, qualifies as a gravy train.
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    How long were you off duty? What was the recovery like? Im starting to notice carpal-type symptoms in my right arm...
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    2 weeks off and 2 weeks light duty per elbow, if done separately. I had them done at the same time. The light duty was sitting in the jump seat giving directions to another driver on my area.

    There is a test (ENG?) that will test the electrical stimulus in the affected area to see where it is being impeded.
  9. Rainman

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    In order to qualify for comp, you have to be injured at a specific time on a specific date. Repetitive motion injuries that occur over a period of time are not covered. You have to report injuries as they occur or you risk nor being covered. I've been in that situation myself. So if you are injured, report it immediately and note what you were doing, when, where, and how you did it. Otherwise it could be on your nickel instead of theirs. I was turned down for an injury once because I couldn't give a specific time and place it occurred.
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  10. MoarTape

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    The whole RSI's not being covered is such a crock. Most people I know in the hub that have been there long enough have wrist, elbow or shoulder issues. Most of which will require surgery at she point.
  11. Coldworld

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    Is there anyway to get the number of people hurt a year at ups...does the company have to give ohsa the info on every injury or just the bad ones??
  12. Rawrzxor

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    That's :censored2:ed up. :\ All of these jobs just wear and tear your body. It's unfortunate they don't cover that. So, if your, say, shoulder is wearing and tearing, it'll get worse as you work, right? Then, at a time when it gets damaged more--which it will, doing that kind of work--then you can report it and get workers comp?
  13. Jackburton

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    Different people have different pain thresholds, much like different doctors suggest different remedies to ailments. Getting more than one medical opinion is always suggested, especially if one that UPS is paying for.
  14. MC4YOU2

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    Here, if you are hurt on the job, they will attempt to keep you of the injured list by creating an office job called Temporary Alternate Work if approved by the Dr. Many times tho they will try to force you to sit it out (for instance if they feel you aren't a "team player") and get a lawyer, the while 9 yards. It also has to fit within their TAW time frame for healing, which is usually about a month.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This is not true.
  16. MC4YOU2

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    If your injury occurrence is clear cut and easily attributed to a specific time and work activity, it will likely be much simpler than if not.
    It also depends on your state laws. We've never had anyone injured at work forced to pay through their health insurance. That being said, there have between instances of claim denial and stalling on the part of State Industrial and Workers Comp Insurance to process then in a timely manner.
    Be prepared.
  17. rod

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    I would agree BUT we did have a couple of "experts" who skated through their career managing to be off on comp just about every peak. It got to be a joke after awhile. One even liked to brag that his parents felt sorry for him and would give him a weeks pay because they thought he was just barely scrapping by on comp. It sounds like the OP is looking into how to get a free ride.
  18. Rainman

    Rainman Its all good.

    It happened to me so I know that it IS true.