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    i was injured on the job .ups safety guidelines say they are to seek medical attention immed.also only a physician can determine outcome.of course finished my day and just got my a## chewed out for injury.Ended up taking wks vacation and returning to work limping everyday.2 months later went to the ground w/ severe pain still fromm inj.after long process had surgery.Battling insurance and ups.Been w/ brown for almost 25 yrs.Is there maybe legal action cause they didnt follow proper procedures?As far as i,m concerned ups has ruined my life.Divorce w/ myself nothing to show for all the yrs put w/ parents.Worn out body.They tried to make me miss grandfathers funeral.Tried to make me work on the day my wife was to be induced with my son.During peak 1 year lady rearended me doing 65 mph in a f-350.I was sitting still .At one time after becoming conscious 1 was carrying a bloody child from f-350 walking around dazed and confused, Ambulances, fire truck, lots of commotion.On road sup. shows up and 1st ? out of his mouth,how many stops do you have left?At this time IM out on disability for injury off the job.Blown ACL & mcl if i'm able to still do job will have to wear a brace like pro football players from now on.? has ups ever bought drivers out? Can i draw pension early if i can t do job any more?Don't care about penaltys cause ex gets half pension any way.btw this my 1st time on brown cafe.
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    You are in the wrong career field---you should be writing works of fiction because, based on your post, you would be really good at it.

    If you were rear ended by someone in a F-150 at 65 mph while you were standing still you wouldn't be here today.

    As far as your injury you are the one who didn't follow proper procedures. BTW, your post states that you were injured both on and off the job. Is this the same or two separate injuries?

    If you are permanently disabled you would get a settlement and would start drawing SSDI but would be unable to access your pension until you turn 65.

    Your right to attend your grandfather's funeral is in the contract.

    You have every right to be at the hospital when your wife is being induced.
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    I see 2 posts. 1 is clearly easier to read than the other. OP, go back and edit your post, use the space bar, punctuation, paragraphs and capitalization.

    Thank you.
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    I was in UPs truck when rearended.The center i,m out of is small. They do nothing by the book.Supv. working,shaving time cards,etc.,etc.The union is where i,m at a joke.Might see a steward in our center if lucky once a month.I drive a rural route and lucky if my truck gets washed once a month.Lots of dust everday.THe injuries are seperate.
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    Boy I lead a boring life.
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    But your posts are very easy to read.
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    Let me ask you this upstate N.Y.?Everday you go to work are there drivers and supv. screamin ,cussing, throwing things at each other? Asking if you want to go across the street,if ya know what i mean.They don't ask me cause I'm a big guy.Great work environment ya reckon?
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    Sorry I'll try to do better.
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    Your part of the UNION if your union is week your part of the problem. File grievances and follow up on them if they are not following the rules. I think the problem is that you like the status Quo and don't want to rock the boat.

    If you got injured at work go see a Lawyer most of them do free consultations.....
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    My brain hurts from even attempting to read this post and make any sense of it.
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    Dude, like he works in the Bubble of Goodness. Like, didn't you know, dude?

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Sounds like the OP wasn't on the clock the second time so they are not assuming responsibility

    I fell last Friday on a wet dock. I reported the injury and felt that I sprained my knee.
    I didn't feel I needed to go to the doctor considering my boss said I would have to go to the emergency room (8pm/ clinic closed)
    I had a couple sick days left over so took them Monday and Tuesday
    My thoughts were that I'm on vacation in a week, plus when I get back I will have a helper which will help heal
    I worked Wed-Fri, had safety ride but still feel that knee is sore at times

    1) I reported the injury which is the most important part. Is there a time limit to see a doctor in case the irritation continued?

    2) Does a center get gigged for 2 incidences if I report the injury 1 week but have them send me to a doctor 3 weeks later for it?

    3) If I 100% should have gone to the doctor, shouldn't the union make UPS send any reported injury to the clinic regardless of its minorness?

    I've ALWAYS been told if I get hurt in anyway report it to UPS, but to go to the doctor seems like its a case-by-case scenario
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    1. I am not sure about that. The sooner the better obviously.

    2. No. That was not the case when I reported my injury, but did not see the Doc for another week. We have had several others that reported injury but did not see the Doc for a while. All of those went down as 1 injury. The key is that you reported it.

    3. No. and you do not really want to go to the UPS doctor. Go to your Doctor and make sure that your Doctor is the doctor of record. A union rule like that would insure that we all went to a UPS doc for every injury. I am sure that you can figure out where that would go.

    4. As it should be. Some injuries turn out to be nothing that a little ice can cure. Some turn out to be way more than that. Personally, I will try a home remedy before going to the doc. Unless a bone is sticking out....
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    1. No, as long as it was reported, no time limit, although they may fight you. Always remember that number the claims adjuster gives you at the end of the phone call.

    2. Who cares? Not your problem.

    3. Again, who cares, but if you have any inkling that you think you might need to go, GO! Yes, they will try talking you out of it, but again, WHO CARES? It's your body. UPS can kiss your arse.
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    Who Upstate reminds me of.

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    If it was reported, look the information up about your state and work related injuries. In my state you need to see the company Dr. for up 90 days unless other wise referred. Like I said every state has different rules. The union rules and the state rules are completely different. The state laws will take precident.
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    Had to post this one, too. This :censored2: is funny!

    Gamekillers - The One Upper (Bio) - YouTube
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    This guy is a 25 yr. driver. Have a little respect!!! NYorker must b living in a bubble to be so critical on this guy!!!! I See alot of B.S. in my center so I think this story is plausable !!!

    25yr. driver who went through a divorce, sounds about right concidering how the hours we run @ least in my neck of the woods can really screw up even the best of relationships !!!
    Torn acl, sounds real to me, On road asking how many stops you have left, sounds plausable also !!!

    Getting rear ended by an f-350, Come on dude, even an F-350 isn't gonna eat through :censored2: UPS truck and detroy the cab !!! Yea, I think it is possable he lived to tell about it !!!! How long is a p-1000 !! A rear end will do some real damage but still, He lived to tell about!!!

    My only comment is that you should of pushed the procedures on that injury and not wasted Vaca on it !!! Shoulda made them do what they had to cause they obviously have screwed you daily for 25 yrs !!!!!

    I'm sympathetic to this guy and hope things turn out for him !!!

    As far as all this criticism towards him, just squash it and shut up , yea, Upstate N>Y>we don't live a 8 hr dispatch bubble route!!! have you guys not been drivers for UPS or something, We all know these things that management sweats us on is HIGHLY PLAUSABLE and he just folded and gave in to them !!!

    to many drivers fold into management and that's why we are weak !!!
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    I believe Upstate has told me he only gets an hour or two of OT a week, so he does live in an 8HR bubble.
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    He wouldn't if he worked at one of the two centers south of him. Like mine.