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    I've been a loader on the twilight shift at UPS since June of 2010. During October of the same year I was injured by a set of rollers that severely chipped my front tooth. I went through a long debacle with workman's comp and only now able to get the process rolling. It turns out that I damaged the tooth so severely that it needed to be removed and replaced by an implant. I am wondering what sort of settlement would be in order for losing a tooth in the line of work. I would ask HR myself but the only problem is that I am in line to be promoted to be a supervisor and asking for a settlement would hurt my chances of being promoted.
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    if your going in management, you don't need your teeth. :surprised:
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    I would just go on without the tooth. If anyone looks at you funny tell them that some might bleed brown for this place buy I'll knock out my teeth for ups. Then smile and say see.
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    You have had a badly chipped tooth since October 2010?! Hindsight is 20/20, but I would have gotten the tooth repaired/replaced (using the Teamster health insurance) and then gone after UPS for the settlement.

    Don't worry about the idiot in #2--you will run in to someone like him at every center you work at.
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    Reread post 2 carefully.
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    The tooth fairy usually leaves a dollar. Put it under your pillow and see what happens.
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    Something tells me you are looking for a pain and suffering settlement from workers comp.That is not going to happen. Any settlement from comp really only consists of what the future medical cost's of your injury are going to be.That is all they are obligated to pay if you decide to settle your claim and resign from UPS.
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    There will be no settlement. You only get a settlement above the medical costs and lost wages if you have some sort of permanent disability.
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    Go to your state's Workers' Comp website (every state is different) and see if they have a schedule listing the dollar amounts you get for various injuries. For example, there may be a formula that pays you a set amount for each lost tooth, or for each additional inch of scar.
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    If you don't use your state Worker's comp, you can sue. Depends on your state's small claim's laws how much you can get, if that is the avenue you use.
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    Since you used comp, you will probably get around 10grand. your lawyer gets a part.