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    This is my 4th Xmas (since 2015) being a driver helper in California. I keep coming back because I have fun and I make alot of money.

    Unfortunately, this year, neither is happening.

    I was injured on November 5th (90 minutes into my shift) which was my second day. It was a minor injury even though it caused me so much pain. I only received two stitches. The week I was injured, I was able to work that Friday which was mandatory desk work in the UPS hub. I did this the following week for about 3 to 4 hours a day. The week before Thanksgiving has always been the week that I start my Xmas season as a driver helper. And that week last year, I made about $600. Liberty Mutual Insurance said they would not be compensating me the difference between these paychecks. My stitches were removed November 16th and I was discharged from the medical center that took care of me. The entire time I worked in the building that day, I told everyone that I saw that I was ready to get back in the truck on Monday the 19th!
    Nobody called me to work that Monday. I figured they forgot about me which they did because by the time that I called, all the routes had gone out so they were unable to have me work. I did work on the 20th and the 21st with a new driver and the route was pretty interesting. Friday the 23rd I was called and told that I was not needed. I found out later that no helpers worked that Friday.
    On November 26th and 27th I was called very early in the morning and left voicemails stating that I would be with the same driver from Thanksgiving week on the same route. My driver texted me a couple of hours after those voicemails and told me that he was not assigned a helper so I shouldn't waste my time meeting him at our meet point. He even sent me a photo of the schedule where my name was absent .When this happened on the 27th, I was very angry and drove to the building to get answers. Of course, nobody had an explanation for me and the building manager was very busy, as he always is, but I asked him if they could put me on code 6 for Monday and that day since I was forced to wake up and get ready because I was told there was work. He okayed it.
    I was finally put back on the truck on the 28th however my driver was in an extremely minor accident before he had to meet me and I was not notified. I sat around for almost 90 minutes waiting for my driver and calling the building over and over. After the supervisors did their thing with the accident, they took me back to the building where they said I would be placed with a new driver for the rest of the day however I sat in the break room for an hour doing absolutely nothing before they told me I could go home. November 29th and 30th the building did not call me to tell me whether I was working or not and I have not worked since November 28th.

    The woman I talk to the most claims that since they are having people bussed in from an hour away, they get first dibs on driver helper positions since they're at the building before the local driver helpers are probably even awake. But this is not new, they have always bussed in people from nearby counties and I have never been required to meet my driver at the building. Thursday morning I had an appointment that I could not miss so this woman claims since I was unavailable to work at 9AM instead of my regular 11, that I've always started at, she could not put me on with the driver who was in the accident the day before. She also said something very strange, she said that they need people who are available Monday through Friday and not once have I ever said I was not available. She then suggested that I be transferred to a different building. But I feel like they're handing me off to another building so I'm not a problem for them again if I get hurt again. I have been in the truck 5 times since beginning the season on November 2nd.
    I was given the human resource phone number for this district by the 855 UPS human resource number however this HR never answers their phone and the voicemail greeting does not state when people are in the office, only that "When voicemails are checked phone calls will be made". I have been leaving voicemails letting them know that I feel like I'm being discriminated against since I was injured but nobody will call me back.

    This will be my last UPS Xmas.
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    2 whole stitches?

    Doesn't that qualify you for a disability in California?
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    My first nasty comment. I was wondering when this was coming. I guess the "on topic" suggestion doesn't apply to me since I'm seasonal.

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    600 bucks as a helper in one week?
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    $17/hour, overtime begins at 5 hours.
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    Come on now don’t be like that

    Things will be a lot more organized next year
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    Is there a question in this somewhere or do you just need to whine
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    That was nasty? If you're that sensitive no wonder they don't want to work you. You posted a wall of text story, what responses were you expecting? The person who is managing the helper work force is likely also a seasonal worker, figure out who that is, buy them a box of chocolates and make nice. Or you can leave and never return, your choice. But receiving a minor injury on the job does not put you in a protected class, and discrimination laws do not apply.
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    and you felt the need to sign up for this site and start a thread about this.....why?
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    Because BC is internationally recognized as being the definitive source of everything UPS on the entire freaking interwebs.

    We attract only the very best inquiries, and supply only the very best answers.

    TTKU, Brownslave.
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    So you left a message saying you thought you were being discriminated against because of an injury? Yeah, you’re done. Key words HR never wants to deal with. You mean trouble to them. Be happy you made it out with only a two stitch injury and not a life-changing one. Merry Christmas.
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    Nobody who moves cardboard for a living is special. Even if they move up and make a great living doing it. Your number has left UPS, and another number will be brought in to fill your place next holiday season.

    If that happens again at a different seasonal employer, head home and look into liquid bandage products. New-Skin is a big name, and many grocery stores also sell it under their own brand names. Got me through a pretty bad cut to my hand years ago. Didn't have insurance at the time. Could part the sides of it and see all the way down. Would have been worthy of many stitches at a Dr's office. Healed up cleanly with only an inch long scar to tell the tale.
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    Cleaning up thread.