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    a few questions for this (I tried doing the search to answer these but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for)
    -It's my understanding that seasonal drivers aren't worked every day; do inside hires get the driving that's available before the off the street hires?

    -If they don't work me in driving, will I be doing the twilight shift? (I'm normally preload)

    -Has anyone ever moved from seasonal driving to full time (as an inside hire) when peak is over? (I know this won't be the same everywhere but just am looking to see if it happens)

    Thanks in advance for the answers ^.^

    ~I'm excited to be getting my feet wet with driving. There is only one female driver in the center I work at so it makes me feel good that I got the seasonal driving position~
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    you can move from seasonal to driving full-time, granted that no one is bidding with higher seniority as a driver. You may end up like me and being a single day vacation coverage driver/filler driver/we need someone to drive now go home and come back at 815 driver. You should trump seasonal off the street drivers, I know when that was me I got bumped a lot and did driver helper to fill the time. If you are not driving you have the option to fill in with preload or driver helper, your choice if your center is ran like mine, but in my center preexisting employees are given a route, typically residential and maybe a few businesses, or bulk stop businesses like a mall, shuttling cars and stuff like that
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    They are after Thanksgiving.


    You'll probably preload until Thanksgiving and return mid-January.

    Not generally. The straight jump thing is typically for outside hires, outside hire temp drivers or management waiting in line under the 1:6 outside/inside FT hire ratio. Permanent insiders typically sign a FT bid sheet.
  4. I just got hired in Chicago as permanent. Was a seasonal driver off the street
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    Do they provide the flak jacket?
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    You have to order it just like the socks.
  7. For permanent drivers you get 2 jackets and a vest
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    I did. Was pt for a year and some change then went seasonal during peak. Had some down days where I didn't work but they kept me since.
  9. No joke man. In my previous career I witnessed a drive by shooting on the south side. Boss was online that night looking at surplus bullet proof vests. It's the Wild West down there.