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  1. altstewie

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    I just want to get peoples opinions on this problem were having in our building. Our supervisors have been getting complaints from other buildings that our small bags are not being closed.

    Some people have been complaining that the bags dont have handles on the zipper part. So when they try to close them their hands get cut up or if they have gloves on it cuts their gloves up. Some bags they cant close because the zipper is messed up.

    Management is saying the procedure for bags. Is look at tag, open bag, look for 3-5 small, then close bag. But if you dont follow closing the bag isnt that insubordination. I dont want anyone getting fired over this.

    Is there any osha protections from trying to close these bags that dont have handles on them. Pretty much everything you can think of for a zipper has a handle on it. I would think cutting your hands on something would be a safety hazard. Also if people are cutting their hands on bags, wouldnt there be blood on these bags. Isnt that a biohazard.

    What would you guys recommend me telling my co-workers.
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    i have to deal with bags with no 'handle' for the zipper all day.

    Just put ur fingers in between and pull, i do it w.o gloves, and have NEVER cut myself.

    So I'm not sure what your point is here, do you have to close the bags? YES!!
    Also, twisty ties will do the trick as well, in case you really have problems closing the bags.

    But if the zipper is broken its broken, it shouldnt be used. However, sounds to me you guys are just complaining about not being able to open/close bags easily enough.

    You can always quit your job.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Maybe your manangement teams needs to OJS the employees punch to punch and see why they cutting themselves on the bags. Maybe the employees are not following the proper methods and are in need of discipline.

    Maybe they should just close the freaking bags and work as instructed.

    Your welcome, now come shine my shoes........
  4. PT Stewie

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    Handle bags all shift long.If it is broken we do not use it. Like above if you are bagging you should be able to close bag even if it doesn't have the pull handle.Some are difficult use your muscles.
    They are mesh and you should be able to read three without opening.
  5. altstewie

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    Im just defending the people that are asking me about this and then with personal experience. I have cut my hands on the bags. I sometimes work the bag trailer which is all bags. If i dont wear gloves that night my hands feel raw. One employee had a gash on his hand. How does that happen? Sometime there are threads on those bags that come lose. They are wire like. They definitely hurt.

    We dont have access to twisty ties since were loading.

    They are not complaining about working harder. They just dont want their fingers scratched up is that so much to ask for.
  6. altstewie

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    The employees are following the proper methods because they have shown me the way they do it so when i talk to management. So its your first opinion without knowing anything to say the employees must be at fault. Its never managements fault. Allright theyll close the bags as instructed and then management can suffer a work comp injury. The work insurance will be billed and your rates will go up after having more injuries. Or you can make sure the small sort puts a workable handle on all bags that do not have zippers.

    Your welcome, now you can your use your rogaine for all the hairs you lossed trying to make numbers that are unattainable.
  7. PT Stewie

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    I have been sorting and bagging for 10 years + .I guess we have been using the forever bags for maybe 5-6 years now maybe more.I also unload a large trailer with 100+ bags every night and have never cut my hands. The only problem I have is that the bags wear out the front of my jeans over time when I pick them up up and place them on the belt. (notice I said place not throw).
    If people are having problems tell them to wear thin gloves so when they are bagging and closing they do not have to keep taking them off.
    And please never mind Socks he likes to irritate everybody.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    If they get an injury that put them on workers comp from opening a bag, I'll walk out of my office tomorrow with 400 turkeys and hand them out to everyone...
  9. Loufan

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    I wish I had your problem, I think there is a bag shortage in the system which has forced us to use garbage backs to store the smalls. It's a mess when you go up to load a bag and it breaks open on you and smalls go everywhere.
  10. PT Stewie

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    We had a sup that made us put all next day letters in plastic and they would break open all the time even if we used double bags.I hate double work rebagging the stuff. What a pain in the a--.He was afraid that the PHL stuff would get in the Louisville air can and visa versa.
    We always have problems keeping bags on hand, have to hide them from the other shifts so we have enough to do our work.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    You have an automated small sort don't you?
  12. brownrod

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    We ran out of forever bags once and our PT sup decided to start using driver release bags to bag the smalls. One DR bag full of smalls made it all the way through the system without being opened and sorted and loaded on a truck as one stop. All the boxes were little rectangles and stacked well in almost a perfect cube and only one label was visible.
  13. PT Stewie

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    They probably blaimed the workers right?
  14. Integrity

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    Dear altstewie,

    A nylon "forever" bag", as they are called, is a UPS supplied piece of equipment. If damaged in certain ways these bags can present a cutting hazard to anyone who may handle them. This is a valid safety concern.

    The Job Setup section of the UPS Safe Work Methods calls for inspection of equipment. These bags should be inspected and taken out of service when damaged. The zipper handle is probably a repairable item.

    I would consult your Hourly Employee Health and Safety Committee Representative and ask for the UPS established methods for inspecting and removing a "forever bag" from use. If one can not be produced, I would then ask for the name of the manufacturer of the nylon "forever bags" and find out from them when the bags should be removed from service.

    I have heard stories where one small open cut can lead to life threatening illnesses and infections.

  15. altstewie

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    integrity, that was the answer i was looking for..thanks
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    Just grab them from by the metal loops. Sheesh.
  17. bumped

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    If someone gets cut from the bags you should then report the injury. It could lead to an infection. If there are enough people reporting to Liberty Mutual everyday(and the time spent to make out a report) the problem will be fixed.