Inside workers: Treating customers property with Integrity

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    For discussion,

    A customer was sending 10,000 post cards to advertise a conference that he was putting on at a local Christian Conference Center.

    The customer's shipping carton exceeded all standards for this shipment and the shipment was fully approved for transportation through the UPS system.

    Due to abuse at UPS the carton burst open spilling the contents on the floor in the UPS facility.

    The damaged carton and about 5000 of the postcards ended up on the floor.

    There was no effort to pick up the post cards by any UPS employee. Management employees did nothing to care for this customers product.

    The damaged carton was carelessly sent to the damaged package processing area while the contents was left on the floor to be walked on, driven on and left with no real care for the property of the customer.

    What gives a shipping company the right to take someone's money for the transport of someone's property and then treat that property in a destructive fashion?

    Where is the Integrity?


    QKRSTKR Active Member

    If you witnessed this, why didn't you stop and pick up the 5000 postcards and take them to the damage area/clerk?

    Are you rain man? One look and you can tell there are 5000 postcards on the floor?

    5 minutes till Wapner.
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    gods will destroyed the package,, he decided it , dont question him you sodomte
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    Fiction at its best!!
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    I find it hard to believe that 5000 postcards on the floor would be a slight enough obstacle to be able to completely ignore and work around for part-timers and management... If true, though, it's bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: and shouldn't ever happen to any package we move. Sure, sometimes boxes rip open and goods get damaged... but if people were noticing this (and how could they not?) and refusing to handle the situation by ignoring it completely then, in my mind, there isn't any excuse or justification.

    It's possible that whoever noticed this, if the situation isn't a construct of Integrity's imagination, decided that roughly half of the box's contents were still in place after the postcards hit the ground. Just a possibility. :happy-very:
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    As a printer(at my 2nd job) and DMP responder on preload, I've learned how to ship a box. "if u can't stand on it then it's not ready to ship". The customer probably used 1 or 2 strips of tape on each end of box. The tape split and it was over. Why was it not picked up? Numbers don't allow it.
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    LOL ... he's lost it!
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    I (me, not him) will leave this to the rest of you (you know who I'm (me again) talking about) only because I (once again, me) have decided not to enter into any of I's (him this time) inane threads ever again.

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    "Why was it not picked up? Numbers don't allow it" is a bunch of crap. We are told to (politely) refuse to pick up any packages that we feel will not make it through our system.
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    Frankly, I (me) believe this is a hypothetical. I (me) worked for almost 36 years and there is no way that someone would not have made an attempt to salvage at least some of these. I (me) think I (him) is again just stirring the pot. Would love to see a psychologists profile of this guy. Just for giggles. (Thanks for letting me steal your humor Cosmo. That was clever)
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    I think he was referring to picking up the spilled contents, not the package itself when he said "Numbers don't allow it."
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    5000 pcs in one carton.
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    No one wants to read that religious crap anyway.
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    It's not really an option on the sort aisle. Happens all the time. We had one big shipper. Maybe Time Warner Media. Some big cd shipper. Long flat boxes, plus one thin strip of tape, mix in some humidity, and we constantly had cd's spilling all over the floor. Many of which ended up in small sort. This went on for ages. At no point did UPS ever seem to step up and tell them their packaging was sub par. Calculated losses. Hell, I think the only reason it stopped was people quit buying cd's.
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    yes I was referring to the spilled items. On a second note, why does it matter if it's picked up or not? Some will be damaged anyway. I run into this quite often where I'm told to rebox items and some are damaged. That's even worse than not picking them up.
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    Where's the Integrity?? Look in the mirror!
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    It's because Intergrity works in the Iranian hub. Sounds silly huh, about as silly as your orginal post that happens to be religious postcards, implying its part of the reason no one picked them up. Seriously, you need to get a new hobby.
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    IntegrIty needs to shut hIs pIe hole.
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    Piss poor management.