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    If you're a teamster you probably received a free insurance premium for a small amount for some no name union insurance. They will give you a small policy, such as $1500, for free but want you to sign up for more insurance which you are not required to do. In the past I have signed up every year for a couple of these. The latest I got was from *. They sent the enrollment form back because they automatically check the "I would like to sign up for more insurance", and I didn't check any boxes for an amount. THERE IS NO WHERE ON THE FORM TO SAY "NO" TO ADDITIONAL INSURANCE! So even though I never signed up for additional insurance and never checked an amount, I received a bill in the mail. I will never sign up for a free insurance policy again.

    Kurt Kampy
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    Through the years I've signed up for the free $3000 insurance but last year they said the insurance weasel would have to come to our house for signature. He was pushy with selling more insurance and pretty much confused the heck out of us. This year when they called I told them we didn't have time to sit down with them.

    Husband suggests we let them come, then go to their car, ask them to hand over the signature paper, sign and tell them goodbye. They don't need bother getting out of the car.

    This husband of mine hates sales weasels. Years ago I told a sweeper salesman he could come and demonstrate because he said we'd get a free box of Tide detergent if we looked. Pizzed husband off so much he met the guy at the fence, grabbed the (puny) box of Tide and told the salesman to not bother getting the machine out, we didn't want it. I caught some Hell over that one and have learned to never invite them to the property until discussion.
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    Nothing is ever "free".