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  1. right know one of the only things that is keeping me with the company is the insurance. i have been searching but have not been able to come up with an answer to my own question. what would be the least amount of time one would have to put in to leave and be able to retain their insurance. i have read something that say 25 years and other things that say you can do 20 and out and purchase it for around $200 a month. any help or links would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you mean retire and have medical insurance, check your current insurance plan. There are many plans across the country so you'll have to tell us what Local or H&W plan you are currently in, and maybe someone will respond. That plan should have a Summary Plan Description (SPD) for retirees as well as active members. They may also have a website with the information.

    There is also COBRA, but you have to pay the full cost yourself, so that's probably not what you want.
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    30 yrs around these parts