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  1. lauchard

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    Do part-time employees get the same insurance as full-time? In other words as a part-time UPS employee would you basically get the same med benefits that a full-time would in a different job?
  2. PassYouBy

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    Yes, exactly the same...If I'm wrong, I'm sure one of the seasoned people can tell you..BUT, I'm pretty sure.
  3. Cementups

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    No part timers benefits are provided by UPS and FTers benefits are provided by Teamsters. they are two different plans. though I have never exhausted any of my benefits, I am to the understanding that the PT benefits offered are better than the FT benefits that Teamsters offer.
  4. Big Babooba

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    It depends where you are. Up here the part time benefits are the same as a full timer and are provided by the Teamsters. The plan is not bad either.
  5. eastlos

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    I got a packet in the mail yesterday and they have eliminated kaiser permanente for part time employees. I have been working for 2 1/2 years and received the same type of packet I did when I first enrolled for health insurance. I was wondering why I had received it again since I had kaiser and never changed it. Well it says I have two options to choose from by the end of the year. Aetna or Blue Shield. Why did they get rid of kaiser for part timers?
  6. because

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    The new master agreement created a National Health Plan for all PT employees. The two choices of coverage are Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Aetna, if both are available in your area. Each elgible PT employee should have rec'd a packet to make their choice. Coverage in both companies are the same. The only difference is in who pays the bill and what DR's might belong to what network. Should a PT'r not make their choice they will be assigned to the coverage under Aetna and will not be able to use the Health Care Spending account or buy any supplemental coverages. Choices will not be able to be made again until next year.
  7. Pollocknbrown

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    All PT employees that are in a UPS sponsored plan right now, PT employees like me will remain in our teamster sponsored funds.
  8. smf0605

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    That is only in areas where part-timers are covered by UPS. In New England part-timers are covered by Teamsters.