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    I graduated from Integrad a few months ago and thought I would share my experiences to those who might be heading there in the future. First of all, it is very important to learn the 5 seeing habits, 10 point commentary, and pre-trip ahead of time. You literally have very little time to study during the week due to 11-12 hour days. You also must recite the 5 seeing habits word for word. If you add an "s" to a word or anything, you have to reattempt the following day. You get one attempt per day, if you don't get it on Friday you are out. The 10 point commentary is a little more lax. You have to know the bold print word for word, but you can use your own words to describe each of the 10. You get one attempt per day, if you don't pass by Friday, you're out. As for the 29 point pre-trip, you have to pass it at an 85% or higher. You can miss 4 of the 29 but you also have to complete it in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. You can attempt this multiple times each day but if you don't pass it by Friday you are out.

    The first day of Integrad is very overwhelming! You start out by taking the shuttle to the facility and you are assigned a partner for the week. Hope you get a good one because you do everything with this person for the rest of the week, as long as he or she doesn't flunk out. You then listen to the facilitators for a couple hours explain things and then you set out with your partner to complete the days modules. The modules are learning stations in which you must complete tasks ranging from working on the diad to unloading irregs from the back of the truck. The modules are lettered A-K and you are allowed between 20-30 minutes for each module.

    There are also 2 driving exercises that you must complete each day. There is the driver drill/commentary ride and there is the Integration Station. On Thursday you are tested on each and if you don't score at least an 85%, you are sent home. You actually watch a facilitator perform each on Monday and then you get two practice days to perform each before testing day on Thursday. This will be the most stressful part of your week. You are docked points for everything. I know an 85% may seem like an easy score to achieve but as I said, they will take away points for eveything! My class lost 35% of our people while taking these tests. One guy passed the driver drill in the morning with no problems and was sent home after scoring an 84% at Integration Station. They do not mess around!

    As I said before, the first day is very, very, very overwhelming. You will be incredibly tired and stressed out after seeing the driving portions of the course that you must pass on Thursday. Try not to freak out too bad. I think they try to weed people out on that first day. I was talking to an instructor after graduation and he informed me that he's had many people leave after the first day. They're seeing if you can handle the stress of the job, DO NOT QUIT!

    Appearence is also of the utmost importance! If you don't know how to iron, LEARN ASAP!! You must come to class everyday pressed and looking sharp. If you do not meet appearence standards by Wednesday, you are out! They line you up in groups of 8 in front of the class everyday and judge you on everything from your boots being shined properly, to the length of your pants, to being properly shaved. I was told the first day that I needed to press harder when I shaved in the morning. I shaved up and down every day after that. Talk about some serious razor burn!!

    Finally, if you make it through testing day on Thursday, there are two more written tests on Friday that you must pass with an 85% or above. The first is a DIAD exam in which you must complete stops using an actual DIAD. The second is a 60 question exam testing your knowledge on anything from safety, to customer service, to the services UPS offers.

    Integrad is not easy!! But if you commit to it and put in the work, you will graduate. As I said above, learn the 5 seeing habits, 10 point commentary, and pre-trip ahead of time! You do not want to be trying to learn them the week of. If you do, you will not make it! I seen a couple who failed trying to do so. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. Good Luck!
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    What the heck is "Integrad"?
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    Sounds Russian, doesn't it?
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    UPS driving school.
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    I wonder how many of us drivers would pass it if we had to take that class. I dont rember having to rember all the safety stuff word for word just had to know the basics. Didnt train on diad. And only drove for like 15 mins. Cant rember being trained on pre tip either.
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    Its actually pretty simple, they are only trying to weed out the people who have no chance in hell of making the cut. But, if you don't suck terribly you're in. I did it about 3 years ago and it was one of the more fun things I've done as an adult.....Hanging out with the dudes in class was was kind of like "summer camp" for grown-ups. lol
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    No wonder we never have enough drivers at our center.

    I can't believe they would flunk a part-timer who has waited 10 + years to drive working the preload every morning because he added an s to imaginary dartboard.

    I take that back .. I do believe it.
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    my test for driving involved the ability to drive a stick shift vehicle and a valid drivers license.
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    When I went to driving school-never heard of Integrad-, we had two people roll backwards into parked cars.(No joke, one passed) Interesting class. I can only remember one person who could recite all the b.s. It wasn't me. Do I know the jist of the crap, absolutely. I practice those very techniques in my personal vehicle everyday. I have never been able to memorize that kind of stuff. Just didn't get good memory genes.
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    Pretty much every driver would be fine. It is actually very easy.
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    It's different now. You get the road test (which you mention) plus a week of "training" called integrad.

    The integrad really does have it's benefits for new drivers. I completed it a few years ago and it helped "round out" the stuff I hadn't yet learned or known about.
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    Do they do any DIAD training, yet? (They didn't when I went)
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    There's a 35-40% fail rate.. Would you really consider that very easy?? I'm sure those who have failed didn't think so
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    Unlike some of the above posts, I think the failure rate would be much higher among current employees, especially with the DOK questions.
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    I'm very surprised. We had one driver pass ; that had zero chance of making it "on road"...everyone knew it, no offense against this person, I think even he knew it but tried it anyway.

    Perhaps that is an indicator of how work pace and unreasonable standards set him up to fail. He's a very good and reliable air driver, safe driving and experienced. but he does not move fast enough at 56 years old, in the companies eyes, to make it as a on-road FT provider.

    That should tell you something!
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    Yes they do. It is quite intensive - however, not easy to remember if you had not used a diad previously. However, after that class, you have a freshness edge over most experienced drivers who had not been formally trained.

    THat is what I took from integrad - it is formal training, boot camp style.
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    After 22 yrs of driving p/car and feeders,I would have an easier time going to Naval flight school and learning to fly an F/16 than going back to this Intergad school !!!
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    I make absolutely no effort whatsoever to memorize or accurately recite the commentaries or acronyms or other safety drivel.

    Our management continues clinging to the fantasy that the ability to work and drive safely somehow correlates to the ability to play juvenile word games. I refuse to validate that fantasy for them.

    More importantly, they are attempting to circumvent the labor agreement by claiming that rote memorization of the DOK is a condition of employment. It isnt. If they want it to be, they need to negotiate that into the next contract.

    The DOK and commentaries are all carefully phrased and designed to create a scenario under which any accident will always be deemed "avoidable". They are designed to shift all responsibility and liability for accidents and injuries away from the company and onto the employee. They arent about prevention at all; they are about assigning blame.