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  1. Under.m69

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    Ups school anyone want to answer a few questions
  2. Know your DOK word for word.

    Have a fresh haircut, good sturdy polishable leather shoes and clean shaven
  3. Under.m69

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    First questions on 5 /10
    Do I need to remember it word for word
    Or the BOLD Writing?
  4. Under.m69

    Under.m69 Member

    Got it word for word
  5. PappyLand

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    Don’t shave. Don’t shower. Don’t button up your uniform shirt. Establish dominance
  6. CardboardWrangler

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    Save a fart in the morning for when they do uniform inspection. When they're leaning down to look at the crease in the leg to tell you that it has too many breaks in it, let er rip. Then say "sorry, I'm just nervous." They pretty much leave you alone after that and tell you your uniform looks perfect every day after that.
  7. joejoe1

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    I live 45 minutes from Integrad - Is hotel stay mandatory?
  8. Under.m69

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    Man. Lol. These 5 /10 giving me trouble thanks for the chuckle
  9. Under.m69

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    Buddy read your paperwork.... yes would be the correct answer
  10. Indecisi0n

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    Order adult movies on UPSs tab .
  11. CardboardWrangler

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    They're going to tell you everyday that multiple things are wrong with your uniform, even if they aren't. Their job is to try to shake you down.

    I wore the same uniform Thursday and Friday without ironing it, and didn't even shave. What do you know, I passed inspection with no issues.
  12. BrassMonkeyOG

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    Headed to integrad in 2 weeks, but having trouble finding the pre trip list online. I’ve found a pre trip video on YouTube but I’m not sure if I have to know all that like axle, carrier joints, driveshaft, suspension springs, load springs , spring mounts, etc..
    Does anyone have the pre trip?? Or the right order would be appreciated! Thanks