Integrity a Joke at UPS...

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    Long story short...Center Manager was caught altering a statement by an employee sent in the form of an email to cover a lie he already told. He confessed ONLY after being caught red-handed and after lying about the situation to cover another lie. He wasn't fired nor transferred to another UPS center. :surprised: Almost everyone of the employees are aware of the situation. How can he maintain respect after something like this? Will it be a fair situation the next time he has to reprimand an employee??? Why does UPS treat intregrity ON PAPER (ie. policy book) as a life or death situation if they are just going to give one of their boys a slap on the wrist???

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    Welcome to BC. Interesting post. Integrity is a value only expected of hourly employees. Management is above that. There are no "cardinal sins" for management situations. Heck, our driver manager has had 2 roll aways and tried to lie and blame one on someone else. They play by different rules. Learn it, live it, accept it.
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    That is an interesting two part question.

    The first is the punishment of the sup. I am glad that UPS does not fire drivers for lying, otherwise there would be a lot of drivers not working for UPS. As a steward, drivers lied to me all the time, when I really needed to know every aspect of the truth so I could figure out how best to defend them.

    The aspect of trust was very instrumental in dealing with UPS. They knew if I said something, it was the truth, period. Never ever strayed from that position. And it made negotiations much easier. But nothing says thank you to someone going to bat for you than being shown the position you claim is the truth, to have been a lie.

    The second part of the thread deals with respect i believe.

    Respect is a human value that is earned over time, There will be times when that respect is damaged and the repairs can take a long time to accomplish. And there are also times when that respect is lost forever and no attempts are made to repair it.

    We had a sup that was very good friends with a part time sup. Did a lot of things together as couples with families do. Over time, he developed a relationship with the part timers wife which progressed to meetings at motels. Basically, nothing was ever done, and eventually the part time sup left UPS.

    That full time sup has not earned any respect from anyone. He never will have. While at times he might be a bit funny, there is absolutely no respect there.

    And it does seem to equate that there are rules for those that play the game, and others for those that dont. For those that dont play the game, a tougher standard will apply. For those that do, a wink, a nod, and a possible slap on the wrist in public is about all there is.

    Just something I have noticed in the 33 years at brown.