Integrity Failures at your Building

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    To all:

    It has been reported to me that integrity is truly not at the core of all we do at UPS.

    Why would the Corporate Executives of a company be dishonest about this?

    The Corporate Executives have boldly made this claim in the foundational documents of UPS yet it has been reported to me that integrity failures are widespread.

    Integrity is held in the highest regard in the UPS Policy Book, the UPS Code of Conduct, and the UPS Charter and other source documents all put out by Corporate.

    If integrity and excellence are not at the core of all we do and they (the Corporate Executives of UPS) know this, then why would they make this false claim?

    What do you think about this?

    False claims are all bad but a false claim that a group of Corporate Executives make about the place integrity has in the day to day running of the company that they oversee seems to me to be particularly unethical.

  2. ups hero

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    It's Business. Why would a corporate admit false integrity? Of course, every business will say integrity and excellence is utmost importance for each and every employee to follow... But is it upheld?? Probably not. It's
    Business. Ups isn't the only place this happens to. If this is shocking news to you then, sorry. Reality is the truth.
  3. Monkey Butt

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    Integrity is a meaningless word.
    No one has it and never will.
    And since companies are made up of people, they never will either.
  4. Jackburton

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    Double standards, you of all people should know about that. Unless of course you'd like me to pull up some if your past posts concerning your own integrity.
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    I, why do you always post about integrity? Humor us and post something about some hot GirLs or something for once. I've got no integrity...Jk.
  6. OptimusPrime

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    With no reference of specific instances, like usual, you are just tossing around hyperbole and buzzwords. We just work as directed.
  7. hurricanegunner

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    Dude, they also say they care about our personal safety. That's a lie too. Welcome to life.
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    Its funny how they want us to do everything stupposedly honest but they will be the first ones to do some super slim shady shiznitt you know, Im just like you guys are losers man. But when you call them out on it they wanna act retarded like they dont comprehend the english language like they need a freakin interpretor lol. They crack me up dude its like a comedy show there 24-7 lol. But as soon as you are the flavor of the week and they want to act stupid like you did something shady they will call you up in the office n try n scare you. Me personally i just have to let it blow over my head and let it go in 1 ear and out the other. Im thinkin in the back of my mind to myself like dude you have no idea about my power and rage ill throw you out that window into the parking lot. I can destroy your hopes and dreams in the blink of an eye and you dont even know it. But you just gotta keeep your mouth shut and play the game lol.
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    "In silence man can most readily preserve his integrity".
    Meister Eckhart

  10. Integrity

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    ups hero,

    Do you support dishonest business practices?

    Do you support fraudulent claims by corporate executives as to what is expected of and how employees of a company carry out their jobs?

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    I can't agree with you on this.

  12. Integrity

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    False claims are not double standards.

  13. ajblakejr

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    I want you, Integrity, to give specific examples involving those whom you accuse. If you choose not to provide concrete examples; I suggest you take absence of your unfounded claims and stop looking for fault in all people.
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  15. cachsux

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    So in other words, Hearsay?

    Maybe you should try asking AJ for some pointers on getting a girlfriend to better occupy your time.
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    This isn't court.

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    I'm :censored2: off that we don't get turkeys anymore. I wasent but I think it some deep feeling that I've been suppressing.
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    I want turkey sandwich
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    To answer your question. No, of course not. I don't support and agree with dishonest practices but we all live in reality. I mean no disrespect but if your looking for everybody to live with integrity and big corporations to follow through and do the right thing for the customer and employee, then most corporations would go under and employees would be unemployed. We don't live in a perfect world. Life is no 1960s tv show.
  20. curiousbrain

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    You should demonstrate your commitment to yourself by taking a position in front-level management, and correcting the problems from the bottom up. I hear there might be an opening in my building in about two weeks.