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    Integrity has failed in his attempt to have the building heat employee concern addressed by Corporate Executives at UPS.

    I brought forth the Building Heat Concern on January 22, 2010. (You can see the concern and the UPS responses in the Blogs Section)

    Even though the Corporate Executives at UPS claim that the UPS Help Line is provided as a resource for employees to bring forth their concerns in a manner that is comfortable to them, Integrity has failed to show up and make a difference at the UPS Help Line.

    By bringing this concern forth I only sought to do the will of UPS by seeking to have questions answered, and concerns addressed. The very things the Corporate Executives in the UPS Code of Business Conduct say is the responsibility of every UPSer. Integrity has failed to show up in the Corporate Executives to see that this responsibility was met.

    The Corporate Executives state in the UPS Code of Business Conduct that the one of the most important things is to get questions answered. Integrity has failed to show up in the Corporate Executive who received this concern. There were no questions answered and the concern was not addressed. The only thing that was done was a false claim was made that the District has investigated and addressed the concern and a name and a number was given to speak to a UPS Representative. Yet another failure of Integrity.

    This failure of Integrity has raised the following questions:
    Why would a District be assigned questions and concerns about a Corporate Campaign such as the 2009 Energy Cost Savings Initiative?
    If I felt comfortable calling and speaking to a UPS Representative then why would I have called the UPS Help Line?

    I has been quiet recently because someone on the Brown Cafe asked me to focus on one issue at a time and I wanted to wrap up this one first. I wish I didn’t have to wrap it up as an utter failure of Integrity, but so be it.

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    I was not following this whole thing. Would it work to wear a coat? I have the opposite problem building is too hot most of the year. However, it would not make good business sense to air condition the building. Never occurred to me to make the weather into an integrety issue.
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    I usually try not to be sarcastic and snarky, since there's so much of that on this site, but all I have to say is:

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    No offense intended but i'm glad ur attempt failed, cuz i'm scared they would turn up the heat in all hubs. There have been slow days where I was a little "cool" but i've never been cold while on the clock. Although I have sweated so bad that I had to run home first before going to my second job plenty of times. Usually happens when my fourth car has over 200 stops. Wanna swop hubs?
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    Monavie LOL :wink2: Integrity,I know you meant well,and no I told you so's are necessary,but why are you the only one surprised?
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    UPSthics wins.
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    Gee, A realization that you have failed on a building heat issue two days after the official start of spring. Can you get the A/C turned on by December?
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    You are correct the weather is not an integrity issue. However when corporate executives of UPS make false claims as to how they conduct their affairs with regards to employee concerns and questions, as they have done in the UPS Code Of Business Conduct and the current UPS Policy Book and falsely represent that the UPS Help Line is really any help at all, then this is clearly an integrity issue. A lack of integrity issue at a very high level.

    I believe UPS buildings should be air conditioned. This is the 21st century.

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    I am also shocked. I really hoped that the individuals assigned this concern would live up to the ideals and claims made in the UPS Code of Business Conduct and the UPS Policy Book.
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    Integrity was so full of himself that he actually thought corporate executives would come a running to fix a problem that did not need fixing. If Integrity thought there was a problem with the heat he should ride with package car drivers that work in the real cold all the time.
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    this issue was never about fixing the heat. It was about you. about calling yourself integrity and acting like some pompass ass.
    judging by the company response you apparently did not have the guts to leave your name and talk to corporate directly. You don't fight issues by slinking around in the shadows. If you really want to save the world then start by putting your real name out there instead of hiding behind some bullschatt ID.

    Let us see how your own personal integrity stands up to the test and then let us decide if you will lead us on this search for integrity.
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    I appreciate that Integrity tried to use the Employee Help Line in the manner it was designed for. It is useful to know that the Help Line is a lot of BS. I think they could have handled their response better..... Actually, there was no real response, was there?
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    As someone who has investigated calls in the past - employees should really educate themselves on what the Help line is designed for. It is really there to report unethical and illegal activity. If someone is calling because they had a bad day with their supervisor and "I'm going to get him in trouble" by calling the number - save your time and effort.

    Also on most general concerns (like this one) Tie is completely correct. When you don't give a name who are they suppose to address the concern with? This is why you got the general "canned" response so the books can be closed on this particular issue and the company can move on to more important issues. If you want a personal response and dialogue - leave a name. Someone will come see you because they have a set time period to close out calls/cases based on severity levels (it's usually on the ERM's QPR).

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    I can't believe no one cared about this guys concerns....
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    I'm sure the people dealing with this issue at the corporate level were nice and cozy in their heated/air conditioned office. Years ago factories weren't air conditioned. Most of the ones on my route are now. Then again, most commercial vehicles have power steering.:knockedout:
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    Is this really a shocker to anyone? UPS never is ahead of the curve on any issue. UPS does not take a proactive approach to anything, it will take someone to get frost bite and loose a few fingers or toes and than ups will "REACT".

    Look at the 8 rules to yard control, new, but could have been out for years now. UPS has over 100 years, we work round the clock and no one ever thought of reflective vests? Until someone lost their life because they were not wearing one.

    Its the UPS way, onlt react to situations after they have happened even though we can all see it happening. My building is perfect, our IQA drop off that we stop at forces us to exit through the passenger door of the car, which also happens to be into all of the yard traffic, tractors, semis, package cars bulk mules etc. They built the building to go against their own company policies.
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    It is quite a shame that the corporate executives of UPS make false claims as to how they conduct themselves as an organization. Current UPS Policy makes a false claim that states that the corporate executives care about and actually promote the good health of their people. The UPS Policy also claims to provide safe, clean and pleasant places to work. You can find this information respectively on pages 18 and 25 of the current UPS Policy Book.

    Anyone knows that doing the strenuous work of package handling in the sweatshop conditions that the corporate executives of UPS knowingly provide in the warm seasons and the warm weather states does nothing to promote the good health of their people and is a most unpleasant environment to work in.

    Anyone also knows that air conditioning in vehicles is really not an option any more, this is the 21st century. The least this company could and should do is to see that the cabs of the package cars are air conditioned.

    No, I do not want to swap hubs.