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    I was recently hired as a seasonal worker part time doing the preload shift. My supervisors and managers believe with my leadership experience and work ethic that ill be a great supervisor. It offers immediate benefits(yay!) more pay (yay) and longer hours and I will be promoted from seasonal employee to permanent. They asked me to write a letter of intent which means why you want to become a leader there. My goal here is to become a driver, which I discussed with one of my supervisors who said I have a better chance to be one as a supervisor than a regular worker. Is this the case in all areas?

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    Funniest post of the day!
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    YAY! and you believe that line of SH**.
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    If your goal is to become a driver do not do it. Everyone here will say the same thing.

    ​If true this company is in a sad sad place right now. Hiring seasonals as management.
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    Depending on how large your hub/center is, there are anywhere from several dozen to several thousand employees there. Now, ask yourself why none of those other employees who have far more experience with a UPS operation have gone into management. If you want to stick it out at UPS for the long haul, don't go into management. PT Management is widely regarded as a dead-end career track unless you plan to use UPS to bulk up your resume.
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    Your potential promotion has little to do with your leadership capabilities and work ethic, and more to do with how desperate the company has become in plugging open PT sup positions. So desperate, in fact, that apparently they're using seasonal employees, because most of us permanent PTers wouldn't consider moving to the dark side....ever. If you want to be a driver, don't go into management! Your sup told you that as becoming a PT sup would give you a better shot as being a driver? Your sup is full of......:bsbullf:
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    ............I don't even know where to start from. Part time supervisor position is indeed a dead end job at UPS, you wont go any further than that at UPS. If you're in it for short run, then its a great idea. Go to college and suck their tuition reimbursement program dry, then after graduating and finding a CAREER, put in your two weeks notice in and resign. Pt supervisor benefits suck. With Obamacare, forget about getting lucky and getting over 30 hours. Oh, and one more thing - the driving position is a union position and union workers come first in line to get it. Even an outsider seasonal driver has a much higher chance to become a driver than a supervisor. There are many ppl who in my hub that are misled like you, I just keep my mouth shut and let them do their mapp so I can have a much higher chance to become a driver when im 21. Yippeee!
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    You might want to learn how to drive a car before thinking you're gonna drive a ups truck. Just sayin lol.
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    was going to say what everyone else said...but do your self a favor and ask some of the other P/t supervisors if they had to do it over would they.
    most in my building say they wouldn't.
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    Don't know whether to laugh or cry...
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    Your next dispatch sup?
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    As a former pt sup, you need to take a look at where you are going in life. Is UPS a stepping stone? If yes, then by all means go into supervision. If you see UPS as a long-term career, becoming a sup will be the worst career based decision you will make at UPS. It is mostly dead end, except for the select few who make it into the full time ranks. As far as being a driver, ask how many pt sups are on the driving list at your Regional office. My building had 23 supervisors on the 6-1 list ahead of me, before I left. That means that over 138 inside employees would have to have been hired before I even came close to getting a chance.
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    Who says I don't know how to drive a car? I probably can teach you how to drive.
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    It's funny after all these years they are still telling the same lies
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    you will be called back after peak,,,as a full time driver !!!! that's one of their finest lines !!!!
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    Sounds like a line that a guy would use......." I'll pull out"
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    They will tell you anything to get you to do so. And its always a lie, indeed. Their intentions are towards those above them and how to kiss as much ass to get there and something better or better pay rate. They have no interest in you, only another person they can burn to get the heat off of them.

    In my opinion, its the worst choice to make here at UPS.
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    In that short 6 years ive been with this company as a pre loader... I have seen 7 pt supes come and go.. Guess how many ever went driving Or full time management?

    1. Driving for a year, then to full time on car....

    if all these responses dont answer your question, than you have no hope... :-/

    but, to each their own....
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    You posted it.