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came across this board while doing a search and was hoping to get some answers to a few questions i have.

in order to become a full time driver at UPS, do you need to work part time? i know where i work, we dont hire to much outside, mainly hire internally to fill certain positions and may hire from outside every now and then. would this be similar to UPS and the way they go about hiring employee's?

also, if were to start at UPS part time and keep my full time job, i read somewhere that part time employee's get benefits. do they get full health benefits? any limitations? would working part time help the chances of landing a full time job later?

any answers will be appreciated.


Most UPS driver come up through the part-time ranks, Part-timers get full Benifits, Full Health ( after 90days),Dental ( after 6 months), and Vision (after a year)...Dental a vision might be mixed up but it is something like that... also,I know in florida you start out at 8.5 and hour and her a 50 cent raise after 90 days...the average wait to become a full-time drive in my hub is 2 to 3 years. That might sound like a long time but i remember when it was 5 years. Also keep in mind that you can also drive Airs while working part-time. i am not sure what the starting rate in but i would guess 11 to 12.5 with the top out being 21.5 after 24 months.

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Most drivers are hired from the part time seniority list. It's in the contract the Teamsters have with UPS that of every 7 drivers hired, 6 have to come from the part time seniority list. And at our center, that one "outside" hire is usually a part time supervisor who wants to go driving. I had to wait 7 years as a part timer before I went driving. It's different at each center. The benefits are awesome. You don't have to pay a dime out of your check and your whole family is covered. Most older part timers work for the benies. Good luck. I am sure more people will chime in with their answers to your questions. The answers may not be the same nationwide as we all have different "supplementals" to the master contract that UPS and the Teamsters negotiate. Kinda difficult to understand as an "outsider" but if you stay with UPS for awhile, you will.

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thanks for teh quick replies.

so would a part time work be considered "stable" work? for example, it cost me close to $600 a month to cover me, my wife and my 15 month daughter. that is a little outrageous if you ask me. considering i go to the doc maybe once a year. i would hate to cancel my insurance through my current employer and stomething happen with ups.

i would love to be able to work part time and get full benefits and be able to save a little money from paying such high premiums for the coverage i have now. plus at the same time be on list to completly move away from my current job to full time at UPS. i go to school and i see ups has tuition assistance which would come in handy as well.
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