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    On Friday, Scott Davis' comments were redeemed as the Commerce Department issues a report confirming the slowing of the US economy.

    Wary consumers snuff 2Q economic growth - Yahoo! News

    As the article pointed out things are slowing but I've been reading the conference call transcript and Scott IMO looked bad when discussing the number of or lack of operating days in the quarter and it's impact on the bottomline. There were so many repeating analyst questions on this subject, as Scott continued to explain he came across as discovering this to be the cause after the fact. His, "we looked back at historical trends and past years" would beg on to ask, "if you looked at these elements then why is it such a factor in your explaination of the miss?" These elements are known when projections are made so again it comes off as an after thought making one question the abilities of the folks running this company. What really got my head scratching was his explaining the impact of 7/3 operating day in the explaination. Is he trying to signal a problem withe 3Q results or is he under the illusion that 7/3 day is somehow a part of the 2Q results? After reading some of the transcript I'm of the opinion the major part of the drop was more because of lack of faith in the management ability than it was of the business dynamics itself.

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    And all you management types think we drivers are just anti management. We are not. You delegate us to the back of the bus, But when the times get tough, you want us to get out and push.

    Maybe what we need are less levels of management. Less levels of management means less yes men, which I think will help UPS survive.

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    You're the typical know-nothing wheel monkey.

    You "say it all" every time you post.

    I only pray you get to participate in what's coming down the 'pike.

    You DESERVE it.

    Well, not just you - ALL Teamsters.

    Good luck. (snicker)
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    found a way to get past Cheryl there susie?

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  10. Wow I liked that article alot. It made me realize how ignorant ups is. Last night doing air pickups I get an on demand for a pickup in a subdivision not in my mapbook yet (this is an area where new developments are springing up all over the place). I message the center asking for directions while proceding to the general direction of the pickup. Along the way I pass 2 package car drivers returning to the building (maybe these guys do this area every day?) while waiting for a response to my txt message seeking directions. The reply never comes... I try to call the center but get a message about the Service I am trying to use is currently unavaiable please try again later. I try and try for 15 minutes no dice. Try calling my mother to mapquest it for me shes not home. Immidealty I considered calling the customer but questioned the proffesionality of asking her for directions to her house. As last resort I call customer who gives me faulty directions. Eventually I get ahold of my mom she mapquested it i get there 5 min later. I end up half hour behind miss 2 business they closed even though the board said they are open till 8.

    Get back to the building enter my miles I drove 61 last night. previous nights on this route have always been under 50. So the dispatchers in the air conditioned office cant reply to my message for directions I drive an extra 10+ miles burining diesel (this article says fuel costs are killing the bottom line) in 100+ degree heat because they couldnt anwser my message.

    My favorite part is the message I get 2 hours later. NEED TRUCK # NOW!
    hahaha PreRecord!

    what a night.
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    Reminder to all the Ron Carey fans - the strike resulted in the Teamsters settling for LESS than what was originally offered by UPS. Some "victory"...
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    the strike was settled because UPS gave up on the pension issue, I believe that was the whole reason for the strike- what a waste for all-
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    IMO, it was just a red herring Ron Carey employed to divert attention from the federal investigation into his doings (remember that?). That "teamster victory" is also the break FedEX needed to get their non-union foot in the door to go toe-to-toe with UPS. Such brilliance on his part - NOT!