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    Very cool
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    I think I will have a beer (or two) to that!!:tongue_sm
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    Not one thing on that website surprised or shocked me in any way. The real question is how do the people making these kinds of decisions look themselves in the mirror every morning? These people are a disgrace and have no morals or soul. It's statistics like these that really make me question what this country is all about. This certainly isn't a democracy, big business owns and operates this country, you just think you have a choice.
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    Are you one of the over stressed alcoholic/drug addict UPSers? If you are, I'm sure it stems from the non-ergonomically designed computer clip board you have to carry and those 200 lb. packages you have to lift all day with no help. Gosh, if one line of that is true, than I'm afraid we'd all be better off working in some Chinese sweat shop, mixing lead paint for cribs to be sold in American Wal-Marts.
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    traveler...they wouldn't print it if it wasn't true:wink:

    UPS drivers lead the industry in alcohol and substance abuse associated with stress at UPS....
    its cheaper than therapy!

    UPS drivers rank in the top 9% of most stressed adults in the nation

    Who's stressed? I'm not stressed,one pkg at a time,day after day,week after week ,month after month, year after year,no problem...who's stressed,I'm not stressed! is it hot enough for ya? do you guys have AC?
    are you gonna be in the area in awhile?

    dont have late air,dont get hurt,dont have an accident,and don't forget
    we NEED your sales leads!
    When I get home I aim high in drinking:biggrin:
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    "When I get home I aim high in drinking"

    OK, that was awesome! Keep it going!

    Get the big buzz.
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    they didn't print it :lol: they just put it on the internet, which as we all know is believe-able haha, wiki once told me the sabres signed Michael peca (i know b/c i put it up there, even though it wasn't true).
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    Keep your bartender moving.

    Keywords: Chug, don't nurse.
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    originally transposed from the bigbrownlie web page I believe.

    comparing us to the rest of the transportation industry may not be accurate since they handle packges by the pallet and we handle them individually. I wonder how we compare to fdx, dhl and the post office.
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    I don't know why, but when I was in preload, when I would walk in to the building, the first thing that would come to mind was the "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair.

    The image I saw was the cow slaughterhouses where the blood was ankle deep.
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    almost the same working condition huh......:sad:
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  15. we used to blast GNR's "Welcome to the Jungle" at the start of the shift...felt it was appropriate :thumbup1:
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    you guys had fun and games at the start of your shift then you guys watched each other bleed? maybe, just maybe that would work.

    Personally i would blast Slipknot's "Duality" at the starts of my shifts, would feel appropriate for anything there.
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    No one believes everything they read, but I was there 11 years and at age 33 was disabled for life. UPS fought me being able to return to modified limited part time work and said 100% or you're gone. So with my attorney and 4 years of fighting, I'm now gone. So much for "people are our most important asset". Yeah right, until the day you cost them money and stop making them money. Sad but true, and happening more frequently every year. Hope you make it injury free until retirement, I didn't.
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    I would blast Bang the Drum by Todd Rundgren

    I Don't Want To Work

    I Just Want To Bang On The Drum All Day
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    Yes early retirement I had the same thing happen to me but sounds you like get a pension check .The union screwed me, I was missing the credits by a small amount for a disability pension.So i got it form UPS and the union.
    I have seen this link before it has been around a long time.:bored: