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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by laffter, Oct 26, 2012.

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    On my way out of the building today, some management guy who I've seen around but I don't know the 'title' of, ran out of the building into the parking lot. When I got out of the guard shack, he, another management guy, and the steward were standing near an hourly. As I got closer I could tell the exchange of words between the hourly and this unknown management fella were not pleasant. He was telling the hourly to come back into the building with them. The hourly was refusing and I heard the words 'police' and 'home address' mentioned. The hourly left. Moments later, as I was driving off, the shift manager made his way out there and was talking with them.

    This hourly is a very unstable employee. I imagine since the police were mentioned, this was either theft or drug related. It's quite possible he was consuming drugs on-premises. I'll probably find out on Monday what that was all about. It must have been pretty serious, anyway.

    Good times.
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    My guess is he stole something, sad part is when he comes to work monday he is fired.
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    The termination letter is already in the mail.
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    I'm sure that after walking away from all three of them, he won't be coming into work Monday.

    The strange thing is that he is a pick-off. You are far more visible as a pick-off than a car loader. Pretty silly thing to do if that's the case.
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    What's a pick off?
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    If he stole something they would have called the police and let them confront him if they had proof. Anyways we only have hearsay of a argument between management and and hour about something that happen that only they know about.
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    What's a guard shack?
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    A place where incessant twittering , facebooking, and porn site viewing seems to be rampant.
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    come back with facts, not BS.
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    I remember some kids in school who thought it was "picking dinner"!!!! :rofl:
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    I'm glad this forum has insightful members such as yourself. Keep up the great work, you are being noticed, and you are an asset to this community.
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    So, I'm not exactly sure why the police were mentioned. Supposedly this guy comes in to work drunk all the time. But I already knew that. Management already knew that. I guess they finally decided to do something about it. But why the hell threaten him with a call to the police? What are they going to do? Lecture him on the dangers of alcohol abuse? The only illegal thing that may have taken place is his intoxicated drive to and from work. As of right now it looks like he won't be coming back... after 12 years of employment. I mentioned this before in another thread, but several weeks back we had a guy walk out after 5 years. This is getting ridiculous. I also heard that management isn't happy about this situation because they need this guy. I'm sure they would have worked something out. If they wanted to fire him, they would have done so without giving him a chance to talk about it.