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    This is FMCSA site.
    If you search United Parcel Service you get data for USA, Canada, and Mexico.
    If you search UPS you get data for UPS Freight and UPS other holdings and mixed with other carriers starting with U.

    "The BASICs Overview — Provides the on-road results, investigation results, and overall performance of each BASIC.
    Summary of Activities — Provides a summary of roadside inspections and crashes for the 24-month timeframe that the SMS results are based upon.
    Recent Investigations — Provides a listing of the five most recent investigations performed on the motor carrier.
    Data Downloads — Allows download of the data on inspections, violations, and crashes that are used in the motor carrier's SMS results. Data can be pulled for a specific BASIC or for all BASICs in either Microsoft Excel or XML format.
    Carrier Registration Information — Provides the motor carrier's registration information that was current when the SMS results were determined."

    If you have a CDL this site also has some data on you, but you have to pay to see it.

    I sometimes sit in on safety committees when my work schedule allows, and we would discus accidents and driver observations, but never used as disciplinary hearing.

    In June is when the FMCSA has increased inspections at weigh stations and roadside.
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    I am still trying to figure out the site. This link shows the actual citations or tickets given but not the drivers name and reason for being put out of service. It also shows how many unsafe driving violations, inspection history, fatiqued driving, controlled substance and VEHICLE MAINTENANCE VIOLATIONs. If you know the carriers ICC (UPS 21800) number you get more detailed info.
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    That looks like the replacement for SafeSTAT under CSA2010. I haven't played with it yet.
    Unfortunately, they aren't releasing all of the data to the public, only the employer. However, you may be able to access this through the Safety Committee or Union information request. Failing that, I would try a FOIA request.

    The "Violation weight" section you see will be the CSA2010 score that will carry with the driver getting the violation for 3 years. This does not affect your CDL, only your CSA2010 score. Too high of a score triggers a required response. Too many carrier violations can trigger DOT pulling the Company's right to operate. This is why proper pretrip/posttrip inspections on both Package Cars & Tractor/Trailers are very important. An inspection being performed at the stop will trigger the score (either Level 1, 2, or 3). See

    Having a high score as an individual can make you unemployable should you leave UPS.

    It's a whole new ballgame.

    (p.s. Who the hell uses a radar detector in a Package Car or Tractor/Trailer?)
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    I guess he didn't know 'bird dogs' weren't allowed in commercial vehicles. A few guys have been cited for speeding. This is why I spend alot of time at the shop getting things fixed.