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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by thelus, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. thelus

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    so i check my paycheck tonight and saw this
    what in the world is AFTAX FLEX? i'm not supposed to be paying for any standard benefits and i have not enrolled in anything at all, just taking the standard stuff ups is suposed to give. anyone have any ideas?
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    I assume you are now under a UPS Health Plan instead of a Teamsters administered insurance. (Central States?)
    The AFTAX FLEX is what it sounds like:
    After Tax Flexible benefits. This could Long Term Care, Life Insurance or a variety of Healthcare options that IRS says you must pay for with after tax dollars.
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    Call 800-877-1508 (benefits hotline) to verify you're not enrolled in anything extra-you'll need your employee ID # & your PIN/password. And have your center initiate a payroll inquiry.
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    yeah about that 1800 number im never calling that thing again. i think i gave up at one point trying to get the right option and just said being screwed over and it gave me the savings and investments option. i think i'm going to have my sup put in a payroll inquiry
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    try calling your HR person they probably can assist you.