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I JUST FINISHED A BOOK TITLED "CHANGING HOW THE WORLD DOES BUSINESS". (Fedex's Incredible Journey to Success-The Inside Story) by Roger Frock.

There are some facts in this book that are quite surprising. You may have a different of view of the founder and CEO,Fred S. who IMHO did some shady things during the FEDEX start-up. Just a few notes from book.....

1) UPS was approached to do the pickup and ground service for FDX but was rejected.

2) FDX built its management team wooing UPS Executives.

3) Fred S was accused of forgery.

No More....No More....

Read the Book.


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did the book mention how fedex management could never figure out how ups picked up all the volume they did. So to find out where they were picking up, ups drivers were asked to give their pickup logs to fedex for some money. Most drivers said hell no but there were some that took the money. Then fedex would go to these businesses and offer them discounts to use fedex shipping. Pretty ****ty business tactics. Way to go Fred S.


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I remember when I started driving (a long time ago) a lot of the Fedex Drivers were once UPS Supervisors or Drivers. They looked great in their "pilot shirts". "Zap Mail" was great too, it was like what a Fax Machine is today. They lost a ton of money on that one.