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    OK, here is proof positive that there is something for everyone to study..... or some people will study anything, I don't know.

    Cows know which way is North
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    PS, thanks Jones, that worked well!
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    Thats udderly amazing!
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    whats the beef with cows that wanna stand north to south anyway

    and thats no bull
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    Now that we have Dillacow, we should obtain an opinion.
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    I watched a doc about that.
    They took the magnetic pull away , by setting up counter magnets, and the cows didn't know which way to face, the whole heard was facing differently.
    Of course, before that show, I just thought they want to come to Canada and live a happy life LOL
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    I thought they all knew the way to Cali? LOL!!
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    UNH Cow Study On 'Wasteful' List

    DURHAM, N.H. -- A University of New Hampshire project studying greenhouse gas emissions from dairy farms
    has made a list of the top 100 most wasteful projects paid for by the stimulus package.The $700,000 study is No. 58 on the list released by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma.

    UNH Cow Study On 'Wasteful' List - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR New Hampshire
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    Maybe not as bad as you may think. If they find out what's in those emissions, then they can find a way to use those, too. :

    Making electricity from dairy cow manure

    Oregon dairy farm employs use of an anaerobic digester to process cow manure, producing enough electricity to sell to local public utility.

    So much energy is produced that there is enough to sell some to a local public utility. The dairy farm itself, which was founded in 1941, has been at the cutting edge in alternative energy sources as well as local food and vertical business integration. The farm is building solar panels and produces 80 percent of the hay for its dairy cows.
    As the manure of cows is often the leading cause of pollution which dairies create, contaminating water and releasing high levels of methane gas, an anaerobic digester seems like the best alternative right now for abating these harmful impacts on the environment.
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    Cow pieology 101 – The study of cow pies

    Cow pieology is the study of cow pies, but it’s certainly not a science. It’s an art that beef cattle producers have practiced
    for many years. Many beef producers observe cow pies to determine when to start supplemental feeding or when to rotate
    the cattle to a different pasture. The shape, size, color and texture can tell a story about the cow’s diet quality.

    Cow pieology 101 – The study of cow pies Cattle News - Editorial, Grain & Cattle Markets, Current Stories
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    Us humans have stool samples, too !
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    An opnion on Dillacow or an opinion on necroposting? :hangin:
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    An opinion on the first 2008 post. Cows know the way North. :happy2:
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    I had to look up necroposting. Yes I am a low intelligent conservative.
    Perhaps that it is a zing at me. Perhaps I should follow TOS and be gone.
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    It was just a small barb. LOL No, perhaps you shouldn't follow TOS. :hugs:I don't think you are anywhere near as bad as TOS can be. :its_all_good:
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