Interesting talk with an OMS today...

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  1. sortaisle

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    We were talking about how last peak, someone managed to miss an air can that had a few hundred envelopes in a large cardboard crate. Don't ask how we missed a can as we have some real special folks over here in my neck of the woods...but anyhow a couple of the supervisors had to drive them down to a hub about two hours away to make service. Then we chatted about service and how UPS was at one time really good at service and now it's mostly production. He agreed with me that service is on it's way out sadly and we're just like the other delivery companies...which is a sad and scary thought considering service is what made us stand apart from the others and succeed with the strength and work ethic of our union brothers and sisters (not everyone of course but on the whole union workers are very productive...) If we're just like the other companies (or one other company in particular...FredEx) then we're already priced out of competition. I know we have better infrastructure than all other companies and more logistical prowess, but I wonder if that will really save us in the end? Discuss and thank ya!
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    Speaking from the point of view of a loader, I think a lot of it does boil down to infrastructure. This time of year, it's all about quality. The focus is on reducing damages, building good walls, making sure you scan every package and treat it like it was your own.

    Two months from now, when our building is back at maximum capacity, all of that goes out the window. Management shifts their focus from quality, to quantity during peak. Scanners magically disappear. Every wall is a "throw wall", which looks good from the front, but you're really just throwing packages over the top of it as fast as you can. Box is open and stuff is falling out of it.... just load it and move on, there's no time for that. ​ They literally could not push more volume through the system if they wanted to.

    Infrastructure, and the workforce for that matter, is kept at the minimum really. It's all just for show.
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    Nope. We're doomed eventually.
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    Now I know why we changed our name from United Parcel Service to just UPS years ago. We are on our way to getting rid of the SERVICE.
    My old on car, who is now head of the ORION team, told me that ORION is only about cutting costs to the bare minimum once it is fully implemented.
    They have me delivering most of my residentials before I even begin to start the bulk of my businesses.
    They have informed about half of my metro pickups that they will need to become on routes or look elsewhere for their shipping needs.

  5. Buck Fifty

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    I had an interesting talk with my oms too.

    Went somthing like this.

    Me: have a good night.
    OMS: night.

    Well maybe not interesting,but one of the longest anyway.
  6. Dracula

    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    During peak? It's all year long.
  7. Buck Fifty

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    United Parcel Stockholders .
  8. Jackburton

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    I don't talk to management off the clock personally.
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    When I talk to my on-road off the clock, I usually say "Get me another beer, and you damn well better make sure that glass is clean."

    Our on-road moonlights as a bartender... guess he doesn't make enough, or something...
  10. Jackburton

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    Wonder if he knows he is also subject to the 60hr rule next time he demonstrates driving on a safety ride. I'd remind him if he ever decided to ride with me one day.
  11. Brownslave688

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    We had a driver sup run the preload and twilight one week while still being a driver sup. they could care less.
  12. Harry Manback

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    Consider this, we don't produce anything. People pay us to provide Service. A service that Atlanta has paid good money to figure out ways to avoid giving.

    They'll get return on their investment. Even if it comes at the expense of our children.

    And so cometh, ORION.
  13. bumped

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    But, get some sales leads
  14. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream

    That's funny...I got paid to talk to the of those hurry up and wait moments at work. He's a nice kid actually. We don't have many of the heartless types here.
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    Same here. Our OMS guy wants to continue his education to be on road sup. Then center manager and who knows, division? I try to stay on their good side. Doesn't cost anything and who knows when it may pay off.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    Coincidentally, even though I was in management, I never talked to management off the clock either.

    I made it a point to never have any friends that worked for UPS even though there were a lot of nice, good people I would like to have as friends.

    Just did not seem to be a good idea ... for many reasons.
  17. serenity now

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    Obviously a case of blatant profiling, followed by outright discrimination.
  18. MethodsMan

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    Why anyone would choose to be in the management side of UPS is beyond me. They all seem to a nervous wreck.
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    United Parcel Numbers.

    I still remember the good ol' days when they used to tell us 'Service is our name' and 'The only thing we have to offer is service.'

  20. Anonymous 10

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    yea those days are over.