Interesting Timing, think on this one!

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    This has been going on for a decade. It just hit the head in the last 4 years. If you missed this I am at a loss for words.
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    I haven`t missed it, I`m wondering how UPS will use this to their advantage in next contract! UPS bought out my pension and is supposed to make up the monies CS can`t pay.
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    There will be to many people affected by this for at least the next 15 years for them to ever get out of this. Unless a bankruptcy happens in the mean time.
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    Get out of maybe not.

    Severely reduce their liability? You bet.

    They paid their way out and shouldn't have to pay anything more if you ask me.

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    It is only a matter of time before insolvency, all timelines point to 2023 or 2025 unless a miracle occurs. It that happens UPS will have to cover the offsets, they know that. Maybe their plan is to prolong the Central from going bankrupt just enough to get that 15 years in, most of the old retirees would of passed and the newer ones will have a majority of their vested time under the IBT/UPS Pension. You are talking about over 25 years from the original buy out in 2008, every year that passes UPS is lessening their liability costs, the stock market is continuing upward and their reduced pension liability projections are making the shareholders jumping for joy.

    I believe that the Federal Pension Insurance (if it has the money) would pay a 1,000 a month flat rate per retiree if the Central folds. Most of the retirees who retired just before 2008 were getting close to 3,000. Big cut...
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    Making up for what CS doesn't pay is re-negotiated each contract, perhaps they will stop one day.
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    As far as I know my pension will cease to exist period in 2025. I've received letters to that effect. A few years ago we were offered a SUBSTANTUALY reduced pension starting back then to "try" and save the pension program. This was for those who retired pre 2008. It was voted on and the verdict was -shove it up your ass. Who knows--we could all be dead by then but at least we are still getting our whopping 3 grand a month in the mean time. IF it comes to an end there will be a few who will probably end up on welfare and then all workers can support them.
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    Are others responsible for your pension's leadership? Where does that stop? We have states carelessly spending that would love the free money!
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    I don't think this is correct!

    NO, UPS has to pay UPS members the difference. You are in the UPS forums not the general IBT of CS forums.
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    The pension model of putting the fate of our financial stability in somebody else's hands is risky.

    I would like to see it replaced.
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    Risky, and makes the Union especially vulnerable during Contract negotiations.