Intergrad Advice From Any Vets?

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    Hello fellow UPSERS. I just got awarded the bid to temp drive at my center. I am supposed to go to Landover MD to Intergrad on 11/ 3. My family and I have sacrificed so much for this opportunity so I can't mess it up. Can anyone tell me what they did to A: Prepare for and pass the center driving test. B: Learn the 10point commentary and 5 seeing habits verbatim. C: Anyone that passed Intergrad tell me how to prepare myself best and a little of what to expect when I arrive. Dont try and freak me out rather than simply inform me on how you got er done. Thanks to everyone that reads and posts! Chris
  2. When they have you deliver on that mock town, focus on doing everything exactly as they told you. You'll lose 3 points for not delivering a stop, but they'll take 3 points for every time you forget to honk, yell ups at a stop, etc. Just take your time.
  3. I made acronyms for the 5 seeing habits and 10 point commentary along with the 10 d.o.t. Helped me a lot just have to be creative.
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    I memorized the 5 seeing habits by just reading and re-reading them over and over until I couldn't possibly forget them.

    The 10pt commentary, you need to Only know the 10 bolded phrases, and the general meaning of them.

    Don't stress too much over it, it's not as bad as people make it out to be, in fact, I actually enjoyed my week "vacation" down there.

    When you go on your "around the town" driving for the "driver drill", holler out as much as you can, never stop talking. lol. It doesn't make sense now, but when you get there you'll understand perfectly what I mean.
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    They must not have told you that you also have to memorize the official UPS acronyms.
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    Every single one of them?

    ​Holy crap!
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    Don't stress about it. My last day is tomrow. Yes I have been with ups for 5 years as a loader/helper and most recently an air driver. So some of the stuff I was already aware of. But it isn't bad. 5 seeing habbits. All. Good. Kids. Like. Milk. 10 pt. know the bold. Yard safety. "3 Ds. SS LO VE. CO. KE" designated doorways, walkways, break are. Obey SIGNS and wear SEATBELT, all vehicle Lights are Operable. Employees must wear VEst in yard. Workers must place orange COne in work area when in yard KEys must be out of ignition and with employee when vehicle is stopped. Prevent slips and falls. WES LA. You should get the study paper work and it will all make sense. When doing computer testing start with Diad training. It's the longest.
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    ​What the hell is Intergrad?
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    Its the place where the send send New UPS drivers to learn all the UPS BS!.I heard they feed you rice,keep you up all night, and make you listen to rapp music!
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    Here's a way to help 10 pt I took from a post of mine
    Here's a good way to remember. This won't be exact. But abbreviated. Use the study sheet for more help car length
    2. 2 lefts
    3. Count 123
    4. 4-6 second follow time
    5. Use of mirrors
    6. Scan steering wheels( remember S)
    7. Stale green lights ( S again)
    8. 8-12 second eye lead
    9. Look of left shoulder( when u do this in your truck ur body looks like a 9. It actually doesn't at all but it's so ridiculous u won't forget it)
    10. Eye contact. 0 looks like an eye
    Again. Only abbreviated here. Make use to use study guides for exact
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    Oh for the love of Pete!!!! Learn to use the search function people!!!!

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    My advice?

    Learn how to spell 'integrad'!

    ​You probably should be DQ'd just for that.
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    5 seeing habits. A good way is All Good Kids Like Milk. That always helps.
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    Rules for backing BUDCOWS is dumb. Here's one I came up with. Same words. Differnt order( I put them in order which you actually perform them) Only Stupid Boys Don't Use Correct Workmethods. Cheesey yes. But it works
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    Integrad is like high school they make you learn all this stuff , but once you get into the real world you don't use half of it