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    Okay so im doing this intergrad precourse training stuff on the computer. I was told you only get three attempts to get 85% or higher. The first time i took the assesment it said attempt 1 obv. I scored a 78% on it, so i go back and read over everything again. When i try the second attempt, the site still says its my first attempt. This time i pass with 90%. So i print the results to take to HR tommorow. When i go back to the home page for the Precourse training it shows that i havent completed any assesments. It says "in progress". Has anyone done this, that could shed some light on this for me. Do you really only get 3 attempts or do they just tell you that to scare you?
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    You do only get 3 chances, but have a blank sheet of paper with you when you read the "instructions", write down anything that you are struggling with. Then when test time comes, check your notes. Once you get into the class it'll be much easier when you get your hands on a real Diad