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    I have a package which was shipped on the 19th of Nov from AZ,USA bound for Mauritius(MU).
    Origin scan was done on 19/11 at 727pm
    It reached Roissy,Paris on 20/11 at 915pm
    It departed from Roissy,Paris on 21/11 at 8am.

    Now its showing In Transit-rescheduled for delivery on 27/11 instead of the previous 25/11

    Its been over 24hrs its departed from Paris,France, but doesnt show any arrival scan anywhere. Why is that so?

    Does the UPS network not function on Saturdays and Sundays? Is it normal for it not to be scanned throughout the weekend?

    The 9th and 10th Digits of my tracking no. are 04

    Can someone please explain me why is it showing Transit-rescheduled.
    And what sort of a shipment is it based on my 9-10digit.

    Thanks for all the help.
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    What did they say at 1-800-pick ups????
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    Saturday and Sunday are not normal days for transit, it would not be uncommon to see no movement over the weekend.
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    Judging by the distance from Italy to where you are, it will take around a day and a half or two days depending on the number and time of flights to your island. Im sure the package will arrive on the island either Wednesday night too late to be delivered or sometime on Thursday. If Thanksgiving is a holiday on your island, then UPS or whomever untimately delivers it to your house probably would not work on Thursday. I hope you understand I am half a world away from you and what I'm telling you is speculation on my part, but seeings how we are halfway around the world from you, all we can do is some uneducated guessing.
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    International Export/Import Services: 1-800-782-7892
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    Thanks for all the replies.

    I will keep patience and monitor the tracking services till Thursday.


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    Our air and intl folks do in many cases work sometime during the weekend. The hold up may be customs. The previously posted phone numbers can tell you better then we can. Very few of us here have any experience with international movements. Thanks
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    Experiences with other type of movements but not intl. :surprised:
  9. :bloodshot:

    We drag ourselves in and shakily answer the phone (assuming it rings loud & long). After a few hours, it's :sleeping2: kinda' quiet.

    Then we go home...
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    Thank a lot for all your replies,

    Yes, it was in Customs since Sunday morning. Thats pretty quick for it to travel half the world..from the US to the tiny island of Mauritius....